As I mentioned a few days back that I would be sending out user interviews to the most active Cheerful Ghost users. I emailed BR and he awesomely answered my questions.

Ill send out more over the next few weeks. If you don't get a email right away, fear not ill get to you all.

jdodson: I know a bit about this already, but I wonder if you can let us know why you chose BR as your screen name?

BR: For those who don't know, BR stands for BlueRooster. This has been my screen name for the past few years. I first came up with it when creating an account to play Global Agenda. I mostly like it because its fairly simple and unique. I've never met someone before who has the same name and I never have trouble creating an account with the name. That is, except for my youtube channel which is BlueRooster43. Oh, and BR is my screen name on CG because I felt like it would be fun to go by an abbreviated version of my screen name.

jdodson: What kind of game genre is your all time favorite?

BR:I'd say my favorite game genre is probably Open-World rpg's. Such as games like Fallout 3 and Skyrim. I enjoy being able to do what I want and not having to follow a specific story. I still enjoy certain linear games but not as much as an open-world type game.

jdodson: If you saw The Dark Knight Rises, I wonder... Did you want another movie after the ending credits rolled?

BR: I woudn't mind another Batman movie, but I don't feel like they need to make another. I do think it would be cool if they had a movie with the riddler, but its not needed. I feel very content with the current movies.

jdodson: I wonder what really upsets you about gaming now?

BR: I'd have to go with the extreme amounts of dlc and how much they are overpriced. I can't afford to pay $20 every month for a new map,character, or mission on my favorite game. I wouldn't mind if expansions came back for $40-50 because they included much more content and were spaced out over time making them affordable.

jdodson: Whats the most fun multi-player experience you've ever had?

BR: This is a very hard one for me. I play tons of multiplayer games and its hard to choose which one had the best impression on me. After thinking about it I would have to go with either Garry's mod or TF2. These are both games I've put tons of hours into and feel the multiplayer is very well done. Garry's mod because I enjoy the huge modding community and there is always a new gamemode to try out. TF2 because they have many little things that give you goals for playing just a simple objective/deathmatch game. Not to mention both of these games are constantly being upgraded. TF2 always has updates to make the game better and Gmod has a modding community that never sleeps. There is always new content in both these games.

jdodson: What is the best music to listen to while gaming? Or do you typically just listen to the in game music?

BR: I enjoy listening to music in games that does not have important dialogue. This mostly consists of multi-player games and a few single-player ones. If I had to choose what music to listen to, I would go with some type of electronic or dubstep. Stuff like deadmau5, knife party, and kill the noise. This is just stuff I listen to while gaming, I like other music than this also.

jdodson: In the current(some could say last) gen of console gaming of the Wii, PS3 and XBox 360 I wonder which of the lot you preferred? Did you get more games on one over the other?

BR: I would pick the XBox 360 for the simple fact that I own way more games on it than any other system. I have a ps3 also but only own 2-3 games on it. XBox also has a lot of games that are unique to it.

jdodson: What game did you just finish playing last? Like the actual last game you closed before reading this email.

BR: The last game I played is Atom Zombie Smasher. I just bought this game the other day and am having a lot of fun with it. Its a nice simple strategy game that I am absolutely horrible at. I'm still learning how the game plays so I hope that I will get better.

jdodson: What are your thoughts on Disney buying Lucas Film and by proxy the rights to Star Wars, Indiana Jones and all associated with them?

BR: I'm very fearful of what Disney might do to the Star Wars franchise. I fear that they will screw with the original story. I am still hopeful,however, that when a 7th star wars episode is released, it will be worth watching and will not disappoint me.

jdodson: Whats game company do you think stands out above the rest?

BR: I'm not really sure about this one. I would say Mojang because they have come from almost nothing to a huge success. Minecraft is one of the best games I have ever played and it was developed originally by a single person. Mojang has come a long way in a very short period of time making me think of them as a company that stands out above the rest.

jdodson: If you could force a game studio to make a game, what would it be?

BR: I think many of you would agree when I say I would force Lucas Arts to make BattleFront 3. The first two were major factors in why I enjoy gaming today. I played them all the time as a kid. Also, I am waiting for Fallout 4. So if the first option didn't work out, I would go with that.

Thanks for the fun interview!