Civilization Revolution is the best turn based strategy ive played on a console. The game is stripped down compared to Civilization 4 on PC but that doesn't mean its less fun. In fact, I believe the game is stronger because it does less.

All you have is the PS3 or XBOX controller so they had to reduce the complexity for the game to work very well on those systems. For instance, your tech tree isn't as deep. You have less military unit options. Your diplomacy options are not as advanced. You have less details to manage. There is less world real estate too. All that said, its as much fun as I remember the original DOS version was.

There are a few kinds of victories: domination, culture, economic and technological. The easiest one is domination, which I often stumble to even if I mean to do another. One bad element the game does present with any kind of victory is that it has a hard end if a certain amount of time has elapsed. Which basically stops you from spending an eternity toying with the opposition. The fixed time ending is my only real gripe with the game. Id prefer to take my time and do whatever taking as long as I care to. Oh wait, no, time has stopped sorry. You win?

I have Civilization 3 and can't seem to ever win. Civilization Revolution allows me to start out doing well and I can scale the difficulty to match my growing ability. They even have online play if you are interested in going head to head with other players. Its one of those games I purchased when I first got my PS3 and still play it because its a lot of fun.