Back in 2004 I heard about a remix album for the SNES classic Donkey Kong Country called "Kong in Concert." I had never considered that people would remix video game tunes and decided to download it because it was free and I loved Donkey Kong Country. I wore out the digital files of that album, if such a thing is possible because it is so awesome. Over the last few years I have stocked my Video Game Music collection with Humble Bundle Game Soundtracks, Collectors Edition Soundtracks and free downloads from OC Remix.

To date I have collected 77 albums and most of them are really great. Recently I trolled the OC Remix site and noticed a few new albums dropped one being "Double The Trouble!" the remix album of Donkey Kong Country 3. Now the strange this is I never played DKC3 but since I loved Kong in Concert, I picked this one up. I wasn't disappointed as the remix album is largely fantastic. Not every track is great, but the majority are and it was a joy to discover them.

Oh right and the album is no slouch as it clocks in at 5 hours and 23 minutes of total music. Its also interesting as this remix album does something few do in that it remixes tracks from the SNES and Game Boy Advance versions seperately.

A few stand out tracks:

- Knautilus (video embedded above)
- Intoxica (Pokey Pipes):
‎- Road to Double Trouble (Fanfare):

There are others but I don't want to spoil your first listen of the entire album. You can pick up the entire album FLAC+MP3 or just MP3 on the OC Remix site.