I love Minecraft. So when I saw Minecraft on phones and tablets I snapped it up in a second with dreams of endless farming every second of the day. I will give Mojang a hand for making Minecraft on the phone, it works just about as you would expect. That said, something about playing it on my phone I don't love. The game feels cramped and its not easy to do things the desktop game makes easy. That said, its a fine port but I don't play it much. No mobile farming for this guy.

Occasionally I troll through the top apps on the iTunes store and I recently noticed a new game called The Blockheads. It is a side scroller similar in style to Terraria but built for mobile. The game is also unique in that it uses a home portal to warp in certain items like your crafting bench.

The game is a typical freemium game in that things take time and you can pay a bit to speed things up. I don't find waiting a few seconds for your character to craft or mine something so the freemium aspect isn't evil.

If you are looking for a fun building game for your iPhone I really recommend you download The Blockheads. Plus with a price tag of free, its a no brainer.

CapnCurry   Supporter wrote on 01/15/2013 at 06:05pm

+1 to this. This is one of a few games on my iPhone that I steal a few minutes out of my day here and there to play. The game has a "happiness" meter that looks at things like hunger, tiredness, exposure to elements, and so forth; the lower the bar gets the slower your character goes. I don't think the mechanic would work well in Minecraft, but in The Blockheads it conveys a nice sense of connection to what's going on in your game world.

jdodson   Admin   Post Author wrote on 01/15/2013 at 06:09pm

I appreciate you getting me hip to this game, its so much fun! I think it really is a good mix for the phone. After figuring out how to get pinecones, apples and oranges and that you can plant them I am not sustainable! WOOT!

I also don't mind the energy and hunger requirements as its not to hard to fill them and its not really that far off what a person would require anyway.

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