Seems to be that some companies are filling the gaming lull by releasing epic game trailers and as Blizzard just dropped the opening Cinematic for Heart of the Swarm. As the Cinematic played out I was like "What is going on, in Wings of Liberty she..." and then they did that switcheroo at the end which was awesome.

Blizzard storylines contain pretty similar elements I've noticed. In Warcraft you had Arthas who was corrupted by the Undead and became Litch King. You have a similar story in Diablo III. In Starcraft Kerrigan is corrupted by the Zerg. This is a first time that I know of in Blizzard-dom where such a corrupted character might become good again. Blizzard seems to stick with this notion that good people can turn bad by no act of their own, at least in the case of Diablo III & Starcraft. Its good that such characters can come back, or at least in Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty they serious nodded to it.