bit Dungeon is an addicting Browser and iOS Hack-N-Slash that you must play. The game strips itself down to work really well by simply clicking your mouse or tapping. The game takes this stripped down element and ratchets it up to create something really special.

As someone that is not too amazed by mobile games, bit Dungeon stands out for me as a must play. I appreciate the retro art and the score is also very memorable. As you advance through the dungeon levels you find chests that give you better armor and weapons. As you swap out your gear for the next greatest thing, the look of your player also changes. The game is chalked full of little fun art bits like when you vanquish a foe and walk over the corpse your character leaves a footprint trail of blood. The art is seriously amazing and lends itself well to creating a fun world that has its own style.

bit Dungeon is totally free on the iTunes store today and also free to play on Kongregate so check it out and let me know what you think!

Free on iOS today:

Play it on Kongregate now: