Sword & Sworcery made a few waves when it was released as it blended Adventure gaming with a fantastic score. As Sword & Sworcery made its way to be localized for Japan, Jim Guthrie released a remix album called "The Scythian Steppes: Seven #Sworcery Songs Localized for Japan." I picked up the album on Jim's Bandcamp page and wanted to toss out a few words about it.

I recommend downloading this album if you enjoy listening to Jim Guthrie's music because these remixes take his work and bring it a unique voice. Jim Guthrie's music is already very eclectic and the first remixes seen in Little Furnace and The Ballad of the Space Babies really bring a certain modern techno drive to the start of the album. The album continues on with a pretty interesting array of sound scape remixes and ends of with a Bones McCoy remix laden with heavy guitars.

Nab it right now on Jim's Bandcamp page for as much as you care to pay:

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