Hello! You may have seen my previous and 1st game Lokani Addicting Space Runner earlier. This game is my second, Lokani Addicting Space Ball. I'll add a little story to this one to keep it interesting:

I am not a formally or informally trained developer, before experimenting last year, I had only basic knowledge of HTML.

However last year I just made the decision to make (and publish) 1 game in 12 months' time. Well, when I sat through my very first tutorial on how to make a game I thought "Wow, why don't I just make a game now!"

Subsequently, I made Lokani Addicting Space Runner (http://lokani.com/games/lokani-addicting-space-runner/) in just 7 days, which included learning the IDE, creating the assets (keeping them simple of course), developing and [most importantly] publishing! I will say that included many many late/early nights going to bed a like 5am...

The first review was a 1-star, it hurt--because I knew that at the minimum the game mechanic was fun and not broken. So I let it ride and sure enough ratings averaged out just above the 3-star range. This was fine with me as it was my first attempt.

The game was getting about 100 downloads a day since uploading in September, then out of nowhere (once at a total download count of 10,000), downloads shot up to 500, 1000, 2000 per day and at its highest nearly 17,000 in one day! Holy crap. I thought that was cool.

Anyway, in the time since I've started a video game company! Lokani Entertainment: http://www.lokani.com . And what you see here is my second attempt (my third is also out, and it is the most complex game to date, however, I'll share this one for the time being). With the goal of **publishing** in mind, because to me, that is where all the interesting magic happens, I wanted to see how fast I could make a game while focusing on fun first and depth second. Enter Space Ball, which was made in a total of 15 hours! Yes that includes development, art, and publishing! Basically, I created the game mechanic in first sitting and set the game up, then went for it via a 12-hour straight all-nighter...with hardly any breaks!

In just over a month, the game has already been downloaded nearly 5,000 and producing some interesting insights on how people play, what they want, etc--these things I could only learn once the game is on the market--that information is very different than asking friends and family what they think and really valuable!

So, check it out and the other games and keep checking back as there are more to come!! Have a good one everyone:

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AdamPFarnsworth wrote on 05/16/2014 at 02:54pm

That's awesome man. I downloaded the game and it's definitely in the "One more game, I know I can get a high score this time!" mold. Keep up the good work!

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