Amazon has Indie game bundles now, and why shouldn't they. They have everything else. Shipping services never thought they would have it this good. Not so much with these products, however, as they fall strictly in the download only section. While no stranger to downloadable game offerings, Amazon appears to be making an effort to connect specifically with the indie game crowd through some amazingly inexpensive offerings. Like, dirty cheap. Similar to every other bundle site out there. All proceeds - as in 100%, according to the site - of said bundles will go to developers and publishers. I haven't tested them, but reviews on the associated bundle pages indicate that the serial numbers you get after purchasing are usable on Steam.

Lack of presentation aside (seriously, could they have made it more boring to look at?), it's interesting to see Amazon kind of try to support independent gaming, even if it does feel tacked on and non-committal. Cheap games are always nice, too.

Amazon Indie Game store: