"19th Century Chile. A powerful warlock has fallen into a deep sleep. His nightmares are becoming real, and his monsters emanate into the world above. Enter the Abyss, and confront the source."

Developer ACE Team is creating a monster of a game. They've sampled the DNA of Castlevania, Smash Bros and Pokemon, making the whole thing co-op (Steam shows Local Co-op included), and are about to unleash Abyss Odyssey to the masses in less than a month, on July 15th.

Emphasis seems to be on the combat system, that resembles classic 2D fighters like Street Fighter, but with a move set more akin to Smash Bros (easy to pickup, hard to master). As you fight through the abyss, you gain the ability to fight as the enemies you defeat. One of the demo videos shows you fighting as a giant bull demon, which looks powerfully fun. Most of the world is procedurally generated, finished in fine detail, with the creative soul that ACE Team is known for. The developer has announced that other game events or objects will be revealed upon community accomplishments, like taking down that narcoleptic Warlock.

ACE Team is responsible for the Zeno Clash games and rolling boulder war simulator Rock of Ages. Abyss Odyssey will be available on Xbox 360, PS3 and Steam for $15, with Steam offering a sale right now ($9.99, and includes the soundtrack).

The site Gaming Trend has an interview that was posted a few months ago, and offers a good bit of detail. Check it out: http://gamingtrend.com/2014/03/13/zeno-clash-dev-talks-abyss-odyssey/

Official site here: http://www.abyssodyssey.com/abysspage.html