This game's goal in life is to destroy the player. It's hard. The enemies are tough. Low level minions can still kill you with relative ease if you aren't careful, and the bosses can often kill in two hits or less. Did I mention the enemies level up when you die? It also auto-saves whenever you die or change gear or reach a certain point. Fun times. Fun times. While this game is tough, it's not impossible. It requires that you take things slow and think. You'll survive 9 times out of 10 if you don't get ahead of yourself. I love it for that. The other part of the game I enjoy is how everything is linked to souls. You get souls for killing enemies and they are used as currency. The interesting part is how to use them. You need souls to but gear, repair gear, buy spells, and level up stats. The last part of that is key, as you don't level up by gaining XP, only by spending souls. There's much more to this game, but I love these mechanics in particular.