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Someone other than Cosmo currently holds the OoT record. Shocking, I know. Same run path as Cosmo, but 3 seconds faster. Pretty crazy.

Speed runs for cancer research. Seriously check this stuff out. If you choose to donate, your dollars enter you in various drawings and determine various runs (like which ending to take). Proceeds go to the Cancer Prevention Foundation.

So I just nabbed Indie Game the movie through the recent Humble Weekly Sale that Jon talked about a few days ago. Checking out the website for the heck of it, I found there's a special edition being released with epilogues, Team Meat commentary, stories from other game creators, and such. The best part is, if you own the movie, you can buy the special features separately, and there's a box set with extra stuffs too. I'm not too big on the box set, but next paycheck, I'm gonna snag the special features. Sounds like there's some cool stuff to add to it.


The Left 4 Dead 2 Beta has been merged with the standard game giving Linux support and the tools to script your own mutation modes. Mutations are my favorite part of the game as it lets you mix up the gameplay in various ways (ie. M60's with unlimited ammo or swords only). This has already lead to some cool stuff, like a game mode where all the zombies are about as big as smurfs. Lots of cool community content on the way.

More info:

I get the feeling that this won't get a whole lot of hype on CG, but Gran Turismo 6 has just been announced. I enjoy good racing games, and this series is near and dear to me, so I'm looking forward to this next installment.

The Double Fine Humble Bundle is up. You get Costume Quest, Psychonauts with the soundtrack, and Stacking for whatever you want to pay; Brutal Legend and its soundtrack if you beat the average ($8.09 at time of this post); and access to the Double Fine Adventure game and a T-Shirt for more. Get in on this one.


Bioshock was my first experience with a story driven shooter. I grabbed it on sale because I thought it looked interesting, then I played through it four times. Most shooters I had played prior to this were driven by the sole fact the enemy existed and they must be killed. With Bioshock, everything had a story to it. The Big Daddies, Ryan, even the environments had stories to tell of the rise and fall of Rapture. Also, you know the whole inevitable plot twist stuff that a lot of games pull? The kind you can see coming? Didn't see Fontaine coming. Blew my freaking mind. When I finished playing, I realized how they used the "would you kindly" to give a reason in the actual story for the linear mission set. It's kinda hard to explain, and I might add to that as I can piece thoughts on it.

Would you kindly, pass the game my way?

This expansion has been talked about since August last year, and after a few delays, the Online Multiplayer + Wallace Pack is set to be released on Feb. 6 for XBLA. Sadly, there's no word for the PSN release, but achievements for the DLC are on PSN, so it's likely to happen soon.

Source: http://www.examiner.com/article/scott-pilgrim-vs-the-world-dlc-gets-a-new-release-date-for-the-xbox-360

So I had just wrapped up The Unfinished Swan, and I gotta say that I wish all games told stories this well. Granted it's short, sweet, and looks to be for a slightly younger audience, but it's still fairly engrossing. Also, the game is simple in a good way. You simply walk, jump, and throw globs of paint, or water to interact with the environment and progress through each level. What gets thrown changes from level to level giving each area it's own mechanics without really changing the game feel. My only real complaint with the PS3 exclusive is the $15 price for something as short as it is. It took me around 2-3 hours, and the replay value isn't fantastic. At the same time, you could argue that the price is justified with the amount of polish in this game. It's incredibly well designed.

So I just picked up Sword and Sworcery through the recent Humble Bundle for Android. I had been hesitant to try it mostly because of how big my gaming backlog already is, even with jdodson singing its praises earlier this year. Now that homework has leveled out, and I'm spending late nights on duty in the lab, I grabbed the bundle so I could play some games on my MacBook while I waited out my shift. I was more than pleasantly surprised when I booted up the game. Here's a few things I noticed.

First, the game was subtle in how it taught you how to play. It either let you figure it out, or gave a small visual or textual hint on how the controls work. Instead of flat out saying "Double-click the mouse to move," the game just have the clue of "Tip Tap?" to guide you to a door. It feels more immersive that way. Secondly, the game advises you to play in small chunks. Once you get to the end of a chapter, it advises the player to take a break and takes you to the main menu. It's not intrusive like the Wii Sports "Why not take a break?" message that comes up when you start a round. Instead it waits until you're done with that chunk of the story. It's like reaching the end of a chapter in a book. There's still more to look forward to, but it's still a good break point. I'd lose track of time if it weren't for this aspect of the game. Thirdly, the way it tells the story is really fun. Most of the story is conveyed through text and the language used is somewhat humorous in the way it says what's going on, but is still short, sweet, and to the point, allowing for more time in game. Also, you can link the game to twitter so it can tweet the text of a given scene in game. I didn't have a use for twitter until that point.

Even with the good, I'm not fond of the mouse only controls. They work well, but I feel limited in what I can do by not using the keyboard too, but for all I know, there are keyboard controls, and I just don't know them.