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He looked bigger when I couldn't see him.

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So I was playing Borderlands with my dad one day. We were about half way through the Secret Armory DLC. I was driving. Dad was in the gunner's seat. I hit a side rail just right and parked in a rather bizarre fashion. Do you guys have any funny/odd Borderlands stories?

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I just want to say that when I first started playing this, I kept screaming, "I'M BATMAN!!" and, "SWEAR TO ME!!!" At 11 PM, that's a good way to piss off the neighbors.

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I know in the midst of Diablo 3 excitement that Torchlight 2 is not in the forefront of gaming nor will it do as well as many AAA titles. Despite that, I'm looking forward TL2. I've played Diablo 2 and had trouble getting into it, but when I played Torchlight, I racked up tones of hours in-game and even got my dad hooked. Between the two of us, we've played about 250 hours in just Torchlight. We played other games at the time too, but this was something we really enjoyed. As to why I liked it more than Diablo, I think I just found myself enjoying the atmosphere more. The games play very similarly, but the atmosphere is very different. Enough about that.

So I've been playing the Torchlight 2 beta, and this is an improvement over the first in almost all areas. There's now 4 classes, as most probably have heard. I've been enjoying the Outlander who's like the Gunslinger from the first game, but instead of using traps and turrets, the Outlander has more direct attack abilities, such as different attacks with a glaive and special gun abilities. I haven't tried the other classes, but I am looking forward to seeing how some of these work. To add to it, there are more weapon types. As the Outlander, I've come across pistols, bows, crossbows, shotguns, cannons, and I think a few rifles too. The best way I can describe the game is that they've made everything broader.

The item system is the same with a few changes. The pet has a bigger inventory (or at least seems to be). I haven't encountered an enchanter in a town yet, but I've found a few in dungeons, and they're more specialized, like one enchanter will add ice enchantments. Also, there's a limit to enchantments you can put on an item making finding new items more important.

The graphics are improved by quite a bit. It's no Diablo in that regard, but it is a step up from before, particularly in the textures and polygons. The music is better, but not great. In the first game, I got annoyed with the music after a while, now I get kinda bored with it. It is very atmospheric to the game, but I find my self wanting something that ties into the game more than just something to be played in the background.

The story is a continuation from the first game. The Alchemist from the last game has grown corrupt with the power of ember and destroyed Torchlight. The goal for the player(s) is to stop him. I know the Gunslinger makes an appearance as an NPC who is there to guide and help along the quest. No sign of the warrior yet, but I expect him to show up at some point. In stead of dungeon crawling like last time, the world is more open. You go across surface territories completing quests and making trips to side dungeons. One thing I like a lot about this change is it allows for more side quests.

The biggest change is multiplayer. The TL2 beta supports up to 6 players over the internet, and the full game will feature LAN and single player, as well. All I can say is it runs well.

So cool stuff coming from this one. I'm excited for its release.

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I know with the hype of Diablo III it almost seems moot, but being a Baldur's Gate fan, I thought I should share this. Baldur's Gate is getting remade with better graphics and new content. It's planned to be released in the summer. The sequel is going to be remade and released later.


I'm so excited for this. I get to wield a trash-talking sword again!

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This game's goal in life is to destroy the player. It's hard. The enemies are tough. Low level minions can still kill you with relative ease if you aren't careful, and the bosses can often kill in two hits or less. Did I mention the enemies level up when you die? It also auto-saves whenever you die or change gear or reach a certain point. Fun times. Fun times. While this game is tough, it's not impossible. It requires that you take things slow and think. You'll survive 9 times out of 10 if you don't get ahead of yourself. I love it for that. The other part of the game I enjoy is how everything is linked to souls. You get souls for killing enemies and they are used as currency. The interesting part is how to use them. You need souls to but gear, repair gear, buy spells, and level up stats. The last part of that is key, as you don't level up by gaining XP, only by spending souls. There's much more to this game, but I love these mechanics in particular.

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This game is a blast. It's a fairly quick JRPG (unless you're a completionist, then you'll be playing for a year or two), that features some of the coolest game mechanics I've seen. The combat has you using two different characters on each screen at the same time; one controlled by the D-Pad, and the other via the touch screen and mic. It takes some getting used to, but the difficulty curve lets you learn it before it gets harder. The other cool mechanic is the item system. Different items and attacks have different brands, and different brands have more influence in different areas of the map giving boosts or handicaps depending on what you equip. It's really different, and shows me that Square Enix can still make original games on the rare occasion.

Side note: Headphones are needed for this game. I didn't realize how good the music was until I used some.

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