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UPDATE: So with all the outcry for offline mode EA/Maxis held firm that the game could not be played offline. I voiced my suspsions to my friend when we were playing and the servers went down and I wasn't booted. Anyone who has played server dependent games (ie: LoL, D3, PoE, any MMORPG ala WoW/GW2) is well aware that when their servers go down, you get the boot. But as I stated below, I played for an hour before getting booted. This showed me that the majority of the game was running on my PC and not on their server. Well Rock, Paper, Shotgun has released an interview with an EA dev who remained anonymous that CONFIRMS always on DRM is NOT a necessity for this game and the always on requirement was a fabrication created to push their DRM over game stability. This is insulting as all hell, and spits in the face of a very loyal fanbase. Here's the story from RPS: Original story below.

Ah Simcity. How I've longed for you. To build a great metropolis of towering spires, webs of highway and industry as far as the eye can see. I logged in and marveled at the splendor of my new virgin land. I giddily laid down my first stretch of road. Then developed my first neighborhood! In no time I had established the underpinning of this new city's economy. I had even named it; Signaltonville!
Then it began. I was kicked unceremoniously from the server. No knowledge of whether my time was saved or not. My attempt to log back in was met with a popup, saying that I could not connect to the server at this time. The next 48 hours would become a gamer's trial terrifyingly reminiscent of Diablo III.

- My first attempt to log in is met with a launcher that loads to 100% and then sits. Staring.
- After restarting I'm met with a 3 hour queue. Yes, as others have said... for my single player game. But what is
this? It's for the wrong server! I fix it and voila, I'm in. Cities won't load. Dammit. Restart.
- Server unavailable. I have to start over on a new server. Fine. At least I'm in. Now I have to do the tutorial
again. I can't click anything in the tutorial. It's all unclickable. The tutorial is broken. So I exit the tutorial and go
back to the main menu to just jump back into a new city. But you can't. You can't do anything until you've
done the tutorial. Which is broken. I sigh loudly. I log back out.
- Sitting at the broken launcher now. I have to dig through forums to discover that EA packaged a recovery tool
that must be used to launch the launcher. I cannot make this shit up.
- Back at launcher now and I can enter but it's in the wrong server. I switch it to North America East 2. Click OK.
It switches me back to Europe 1. I switch it back to the NA server (which says AVAILABLE in big, fat, green
text). It switches me back. This happens four or five times. I concede and log in. "Cannot load cities at this
time." I smoke another cigarette.
- I am finally back in. I've got a few hours in. I notice the red notification at the top telling me I'm disconnected
from the server, but I ignore it and keep playing. This goes on for about an hour or so, until the game is sick of
my insubordination and kicks me out. I think I'm crying but I can't feel my face anymore, so I am left to
- My next attempt at logging in is a hodgepodge of all the previous attacks generated randomly and thrown out
at different intervals. However, I have some experience doing battle with the SimCity Sim and am eventually
able to kite the server and defeat it. Now I'm finally back in. I go to upgrade my City Hall. Weird. Where are the
upgrades? What's this thing up here? It says, "Visiting". I'm in spectator mode. I attempt to log in over and over
but only get spectator mode. Bested again. EA is mocking me. They are cold and heartless and they are
mocking me.
- I give it a final attempt. I'm in. I did it. I can play and the server is connected and... my buildings aren't
rendered and the water is gone from the river so the game reads it as a ditch and my roads won't connect and
fuck this this isn't real life anymore I'm so done fucking EA I don't even....

So here I am. Trying once again. I know eventually EA will get their shit together and I can play the game the way Maxis intended. On a small plot of land with forced coop interaction. Yay. But that's a tale for another time.

I take Cowboy Bebop style space shooter Dawnstar for a spin. The soundtrack alone is worth the trip.

I've been having so much fun with this game. They are doing a great job with it and are updating almost daily. I'm also doing a beta key giveaway. I have three more preview vids down the pipe for this game and will be giving one away in each video. I highly suggest you check this out and try to get a key either through me or some other means. They just opened the servers to their kickstarter backers so the servers exploded and it just kept getting better.

Hey guys. This is the first test episode of the new weekly podcast featuring myself, Shigaru and Mosenwraith. If you like spirited gaming discussion and smart assery, check it out. We will be going live every Friday at 10pm EST at Also I apologize for the audio. Shig needed to get his settings in order. If it's too much, feel free to go the the twitch channel and watch in on the VOD, where the audio is better.

Also... and this is important... we have no idea what the hell to call this podcast. I still need names and as such, I decided to make a bit of a contest about it. Follow this link ---> <--- (this will jump right to the contest portion of the video) that gives all the details on what you can get and how to be a part of it. Get involved and get your friends involved. I am clueless as to what to call this thing.

Thanks in advance for entering, for your feedback and for all of your bacon.

This is just a fun ten minute game. I actually played it through to completion but recommend you give it a whirl.

I accidentally hit a Kickstarter theme this week. Unwritten, a clever rts; Homesick, a new survival adventure game; and Blade Symphony, a sword based fighter. Check it out.

Did a little quickplay of the first couple of stages of Party of Sin. Fun game, and better with co-op (unfortunately that isn't in the video).

I had a lot of fun playing this game. It's just plain fun. And unlike almost every point and click adventure of late there is no boogeyman and my character remembers who they are...

...just... Well... This happened.

My Review of Hawken. I actually had to reupload because of a problem exporting, so you guys only get the good one.