Hey guys. This is the first test episode of the new weekly podcast featuring myself, Shigaru and Mosenwraith. If you like spirited gaming discussion and smart assery, check it out. We will be going live every Friday at 10pm EST at www.twitch.tv/shigplays. Also I apologize for the audio. Shig needed to get his settings in order. If it's too much, feel free to go the the twitch channel and watch in on the VOD, where the audio is better.

Also... and this is important... we have no idea what the hell to call this podcast. I still need names and as such, I decided to make a bit of a contest about it. Follow this link ---> http://youtu.be/FiV4kxh1Icw?t=14m31s
Thanks in advance for entering, for your feedback and for all of your bacon.

SignalWarden   Post Author wrote on 02/20/2013 at 06:41pm

The link for the contest will jump right to the contest portion of the video that gives all the details on what you can get and how to be a part of it. Get involved and get your friends involved. I am clueless as to what to call this thing.

scrypt   Supporter wrote on 02/22/2013 at 08:25am

Interesting stuff, even if it ran a bit on the long side. I enjoyed the banter regarding Aliens: Colonial Marines. I've heard the same from a friend who bought on day one, huge fan of the series, and was equally disappointed. Will definitely tune in, or at least watch at some point, the next broadcast!

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