If you didn't know you needed an LGR styled SimCity retrospective in your life, here's your moment to fill the void. Clint's YouTube reviews on esoteric PC hardware and old games are some of my most favorite and this one is one of his best. If you were wondering what influences SimCity as well as some information on its various ports, this is for you. Personally, I owned the DOS version as well as my favorite port of it on Super Nintendo.

"We still can't believe it's happened, but SimCity for the NES has been unearthed! Back from the depths of a closet, two protoype carts have appeared like Bowser on the loose in Tokyo, stomping, smashing, and ripping up all guesses on what their value may be!

Yesterday, a longtime NA member BIGDADDYRAMIREZ posted the above two minute video showcasing the first footage seen of this unreleased NES game since it appeared on Johnny Arcade in 1991. Where exactly did they come from? Well, turns out BIGDADDYRAMIREZ is the owner of Back in Time, a chain of game stores in the Seattle area, and like unicorns are want to do, they both walked in the other day. We just got off the... Read All

PortsCenter with Ben Paddon is quickly becoming on of my favorite new YouTube shows about gaming. PortsCenter is essentially a review show but focuses on a particular game port and all the ports and history surrounding it. Sometimes the port is bad and sometimes it's good and in the case of the Super Nintendo SimCity port it's transcendent. In this episode Ben talks about that and how the SNES SimCity port was created by Nintendo under license from Maxis, something I didn't know before. I agree with Ben here as SimCity on Super Nintendo is the only version of classic SimCity I return to. I've never personally built a Megaopolis city as that's quite hard to do but i've... Read All

"That's a nice town we have here, be a shame if a tornado or earthquake were to destroy it."

Kind of puts the power you have playing SimCity into the spotlight.... The... unlimted.... power.


UPDATE: So with all the outcry for offline mode EA/Maxis held firm that the game could not be played offline. I voiced my suspsions to my friend when we were playing and the servers went down and I wasn't booted. Anyone who has played server dependent games (ie: LoL, D3, PoE, any MMORPG ala WoW/GW2) is well aware that when their servers go down, you get the boot. But as I stated below, I played for an hour before getting booted. This showed me that the majority of the game was running on my PC and not on their server. Well Rock, Paper, Shotgun has released an interview with an EA dev who remained anonymous that CONFIRMS always on DRM is NOT a necessity for this game... Read All

Maxis let loose an awesome 10 minute overview of how to play the upcoming Simcity slated for release in 2013. I wasn't too interested in this new version of Simcity after playing Simcity 4 and being thoroughly disappointed with it. I am likewise not excited about having to play it through EA's origin service. VIVA LA STEAM MIS AMIGOS!

That all said... The video is really well done and I want to play the game in that video. One reason Simcity 4 was such a disappointment was because it was so bloody complicated. I never felt the original SimCity, SNES SimCity, SimCity 2k or 3k were that hard to understand. All of those versions were tons of fun, the best of the lot I... Read All