"We still can't believe it's happened, but SimCity for the NES has been unearthed! Back from the depths of a closet, two protoype carts have appeared like Bowser on the loose in Tokyo, stomping, smashing, and ripping up all guesses on what their value may be!

Yesterday, a longtime NA member BIGDADDYRAMIREZ posted the above two minute video showcasing the first footage seen of this unreleased NES game since it appeared on Johnny Arcade in 1991. Where exactly did they come from? Well, turns out BIGDADDYRAMIREZ is the owner of Back in Time, a chain of game stores in the Seattle area, and like unicorns are want to do, they both walked in the other day. We just got off the phone with him, seeing as we've been waiting for this moment all our lives it seems, and learned that both copies will be making an appearance at PRGE this year.

Finding these lost Nintendo prototype carts is really great because often times nearly completed ports are abandoned and in the case of SimCity revisioned to work on the Super Nintendo. The Super Nintendo SimCity port is incredible and Nintendo was right to release it on the system at launch but losing the Nintendo port to history is a bit sad and I'm glad it's been found so it can be preserved.

NES on SimCity will be at this years Portland Retro Game Expo and I'll be making a point to check it out.