Just announced, the creators of Indie Game: The Movie are releasing the long awaited Special Edition, which includes a ton of new footage, as well as the original theatrical film (if you purchase the box set). Shipping on this new edition starts on July 24th, so get pre-orders in before then, and save $10 on the DVD, or $20 on Blu-ray. Digital options are there as well, and if you already have the movie, you can download just the bonus features for $4.99.

The Special Edition footage follows the aftermath of the film, and looks to fill in more details around the events that took place with each individual story.

Head over to the site for details, and get those orders in!:

jdodson   Admin wrote on 07/18/2013 at 12:36am

This is a really great film and its cool seeing it get the Special Edition treatment. Kind of upset to learn that the directors are not changing the film to add lots of CG monsters & change characters actions, but I guess we will have to live with this instead. :D

That said, I recently watching this movie again and it still holds up now even though I "know how it ends." Its interesting to see a movie get DLC and I am considering picking that up when it comes out.

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