This expansion has been talked about since August last year, and after a few delays, the Online Multiplayer + Wallace Pack is set to be released on Feb. 6 for XBLA. Sadly, there's no word for the PSN release, but achievements for the DLC are on PSN, so it's likely to happen soon.


Scott Pilgrim is a nice little beat up game in the vein of River City Ransom. However, all the time between the games has not helped Scott Pilgrim. What you expect from a game that comes 10 odd years later is an advancement in game type. It fails to deliver that advancement, if anything, the game goes backward from River City Ransom (easily one of my most favorite video games ever.)

Why is it not as good?

The fighting is not as well done. It is extremely hard to block weapons or thrown weapons unlike River City Ransom which can make fighting difficult.

There are no new moves to unlock via books. This was easily one of the best features of River City Ransom, you only get... Read All

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