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I hate to say. This is the worst random map of Minecraft that I've ever played. The island is tiny. Super tiny, it is literally small enough to walk across all directions without traveling a whole day. I died 6 times and got 3 dogs killed because resources (food) are hard to come by, and it is ultra depressing because animals do not spawn very often. I actually hate this world. I have recorded every play through on this island. I do not know how much longer I will because this place drives me nuts. Enjoy

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I'm excited about this game. Strange because it is an iPad and iPhone game. Check it out.

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Parody of my own game play? What do you do when you don't have enough money for weapons? You kill other players for money. Hooray! Give me 20 dollars.

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Here I am trying to get enough money for the lethal weapons and play with the keyboard instead of a controller. I don't think this mission went well. You can really tell I have limited mobility with the keyboard.

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I'm streaming APB with a brand new character. Trying to use keyboard and non lethal. This will probably go badly.

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Had a few good games. Killed about 12 players. Wee. Have to start learning how to play with keyboard and mouse.

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Ever notice how adding zombies makes a game more fun?

Suffice to say that I am excited about Sleeping Dog’s DLC.

I kept telling my nephew (as we were playing it) that it would be cool if Sleeping Dogs had an undead upgrade. Guess what? It is now going to have one.

Just in time for Halloween, as this DLC is set to drop October 30th, consider your return ticket to China as fully punched.

If you’ve played Sleeping Dogs, then you realize that it has had some really lame DLC packs come out that don’t really help the game play at all (as far as extending it). I cannot imagine buying any of packs for any reason, and I kept waiting for a reason to get some DLC. If you have been waiting too, then you are in luck. It is finally here.

This is not just any kind of undead. This is Chinese undead with glowing eyes. This means, it is basically Wei Shen vs. the forces of Big Trouble in Little China. However, not to be outdone by any kind of undead monster, Wei Shen will be packing, not only guns about something far more useful. Wei Shen will be sporting lighting fists because of some magical tea (Egg Shen style!). Wei Shen will have all the power he needs to defeat the undead in awesome ways.

Therefore, it is time to pack your bags and travel back to China. It is time to kick some evil undead butt and help save China from its fate. Wei Shen is ready, are you? See you on October 30th when I will be live streaming this title when it drops.


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I'm actually playing APB: Reloaded after watching a few people stream it on Twitch. I actually really like this game, but it took me awhile to get ok at the game. I've had people mad at me because I didn't know what I was doing. However, I've consistently had good games where I've taken down 1-4 people and even had someone say, "I love Outcast (my handle in the game)." Anyway, I just streamed it for the first time, however, the lag was really bad on the stream due to a League of Legends tournament. Which sucked because I was watching a few other broadcasts and they were slow too.

Anyway, best part about this game is that I've killed a lot of players with the basic weapon, when they've spent money on a lot heavier tools than I have. I'm sure they don't like that. Anyway, check out the highly choppy stream here - http://www.twitch.tv/themissiledropkick/b/335524963. Follow me there, if you wanna catch me on the live streams of the game. I'll be posting it to Youtube as well.

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Scott Pilgrim is a nice little beat up game in the vein of River City Ransom. However, all the time between the games has not helped Scott Pilgrim. What you expect from a game that comes 10 odd years later is an advancement in game type. It fails to deliver that advancement, if anything, the game goes backward from River City Ransom (easily one of my most favorite video games ever.)

Why is it not as good?

The fighting is not as well done. It is extremely hard to block weapons or thrown weapons unlike River City Ransom which can make fighting difficult.

There are no new moves to unlock via books. This was easily one of the best features of River City Ransom, you only get new moves by leveling in Scott Pilgrim.

It just doesn't advance over RCR in any shape way or form.

However, this is a solid game that I enjoy. It is fun and I enjoy playing it. RCR is a better game though in all respects.

Major problem: there isn't a move you can mistake for AFRO circus. My brothers and I used to call that move AFRO circus because it was funny. It is actually ACRO Circus.

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