The Walking Dead, by Telltale games, is a point and click adventure game based on the comics by Robert Kirkman. The series on AMC is also based on the same comics as the game. The game follows a character named Lee Everett through the zombie apocalypse. You go through the game making extremely tough decisions for Lee that will later effect how others view you and even who lives or dies.

I picked this game up during the autumn sale on steam wanting to give it a try. This game completely blew me away, I'm so glad I bought it. My first playthrough took about 11 hours which I spaced out over about 3 days. The game's story is very well written and there are plenty of... Read All


My first test stream was of Walking Dead Episode 4. Which I loved, and I wanted to get my first play through recorded so I could hear my own reactions to things (which is hilarious). I have technical difficulty because the sound was echoing, so I turned off the sound to the game. Unfortunately, you can only hear me talking. This is a full play through of the episode, so don't watch if you are planning to play later. However, if you want to hear me cuss, and mention how hard it is to play and talk, then watch these videos on my original twitch account.