My favorite streamer played this during his stream. I laughed hard.

Parody of my own game play? What do you do when you don't have enough money for weapons? You kill other players for money. Hooray! Give me 20 dollars.

Here I am trying to get enough money for the lethal weapons and play with the keyboard instead of a controller. I don't think this mission went well. You can really tell I have limited mobility with the keyboard.

I'm streaming APB with a brand new character. Trying to use keyboard and non lethal. This will probably go badly.

Had a few good games. Killed about 12 players. Wee. Have to start learning how to play with keyboard and mouse.

I'm actually playing APB: Reloaded after watching a few people stream it on Twitch. I actually really like this game, but it took me awhile to get ok at the game. I've had people mad at me because I didn't know what I was doing. However, I've consistently had good games where I've taken down 1-4 people and even had someone say, "I love Outcast (my handle in the game)." Anyway, I just streamed it for the first time, however, the lag was really bad on the stream due to a League of Legends tournament. Which sucked because I was watching a few other broadcasts and they were slow too.

Anyway, best part about this game is that I've killed a lot of players with the basic... Read All