Left 4 Dead 2

Released on November 16, 2009 by Valve Corporation

Developed by Valve Corporation

The Source 2 engine looks to be coming along nicely. This image looks like a legitimate leak, and it is beautiful.

User "crazy buttocks on a train," who is known for the quality of his information leaks, has posted a screenshot of an internal powerpoint presentation containing screenshots of an updated version of the Plantation level. The image embedded above is a comparison, with the new hotness on the top, and the Left 4 Dead 2 we know and love on the bottom.

Thread here: http://www.neogaf.com/forum/showthread.php?t=758999

More info: http://www.valvetime.net/threads/source-2-left-4-dead-2-prototype-screenshots-leaked.244266/

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The Left 4 Dead 2 Beta has been merged with the standard game giving Linux support and the tools to script your own mutation modes. Mutations are my favorite part of the game as it lets you mix up the gameplay in various ways (ie. M60's with unlimited ammo or swords only). This has already lead to some cool stuff, like a game mode where all the zombies are about as big as smurfs. Lots of cool community content on the way.

More info:

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Valve has announced that NEXT WEEK there will be a beta of Left 4 Dead 2 coming to Linux. In addition to testing Linux support they're also testing some new features for modders.

Valve's initial Linux testing was done with Left 4 Dead 2, so I had been wondering why the game was taking so long to get to Linux. Soon, my friends.


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I think we should have a left 4 dead 2 play together thing where anyone from cheerful ghost comes and we just play a bit of versus LFD2

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