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The place for conversation that doesn't make sense to talk about in any specific game in our list. Think of General Discussion as a "catch all" for conversations about gaming, game culture or anything else worth sharing.

I'm not gonna lie, originally I wanted to buy a Mac laptop. I like the Apple hardware, build quality and software better than nearly all of the Windows alternatives. And even though I may love Apple's products I don't love the price because when you buy Apple you pay a premium for it. And with that price and quality premium you also lock in to your hardware specs. Apple used to allow upgrades to it's laptop harddrives and ram after your initial purchase but that is no longer the case. I want a system that's reasonably priced, is mobile and something I can upgrade when the time is right. Playing games well is also important to me so after a bit of searching... Read All

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If you grew up pouring through each issue of Nintendo Power then the Internet Archive might be your new best friend. They recently put each issue online to view and download for your nostalgic retro gaming needs. Nintendo Power discontinued all publications in 2013 but in it's 90's prime, it was the best way to learn about Nintendo games. My favorite parts of the Magazine were the comics and tips and tricks section where you could learn cheat codes and other secrets to your favorite games. The popularization of the Internet made magazines like Nintendo Power largely obsolete in favor of wikis and game sites but that said, it's still awesome that each issue... Read All

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Anybody have a Vive? If so, what are you playing?

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The tiny console wars are upon us! In October, a mini-Genesis with 80 built-in games will be arriving.

This is coming in two versions, the one pictured, and a handheld version: https://i.imgur.com/ckF2hWc.png

Both versions retail for about $65 USD and are currently only available from a UK retailer.

Both have 80 built-in games, but they have expansion capabilities. The mini-console has a slot to play original Genesis carts, and the handheld has an SD card slot (so are they tacitly approving of downloading roms?).

So lets talk about those games! 80 of them! That's 50 more than the mini NES! Well, yes it is. But you'll only care about 40 of them probably. The... Read All

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Perhaps it was driven by availability, but growing up, I very much enjoyed platforming games. Super Mario Bros 3, Mega Man, Duck Tales, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles; heck, I even played the crap out of Barbie for the NES, because my family owned it, so I played it.

But lately, I've found I'm drawn less and less to platforming games. I bought the remastered version of Duck Tales, and played through about half of it. Shovel Knight came and went without me finding any interest in it. Even Mighty No 9 doesn't interest me, at all, when I loved the game series it was modeled after.

I've been trying to figure out why, and it's finally occurred to me.

... Read All

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Speedrunning charity stream Summer Games Done Quick will be blasting through the gaming stream-o-sphere starting July 3rd @ 9.30am and wrapping up on the 9th. As with every year, the game speedrunning lineup is a buffet of classic retro titles and many hot new modern titles such as Goonies II, Legend of Zelda Link's Awakening DX, BioShock, Dishonored, Hexen and Fallout 4.

I've created an Event you can join to add to you calendar to remind you of the event or just queue it up on Twitch starting July 3rd. As with every year there will be some great speedruns of this event and i'll share the ones I really enjoy. Let me know if you plan on watching and what... Read All

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After Game/Show launched I posted quite a few episodes to Cheerful Ghost because I liked the style of the show and what it had to say. Today I watched the latest episode that sort of just let us all know the show was over using a title roll and series of clips. Not that everything that ends needs to wave goodbye, but this doesn't seem like the shows style and I wonder what the story here is?

All that said, Game/Show had a really solid two year run and like many I appreciated it's perspective and what it added to the discussion.

*waves goodbye*

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If you've ever played a GameCube or Wii game you owned in Dolphin you know it can at times be both very good and at times strange. The upscaling ability of Dolphin on Wii and GameCube games is well worth the price of admission alone as experiencing these classic titles in HD is incredible. For me, my classic hardware sometimes breaks so I try and backup all my games so I can play them on my PC. Recently Dolphin released 5.0 which is a notable milestone in that it optimizes for speed and also makes many games run much better than they did before.

"The long awaited Dolphin 5.0 release is finally here! After nearly a year of bug-hunting and handling the release... Read All

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Last year Cheerful Ghost published Starship Rubicon and I am really proud of that. Working alongside Wick to get the game launched, promoted and sold has been one of the more enjoyable things I've been part of. When I approached him about publishing his game, I had a fledgling idea of how to approach and in the end I believe we did well by the game and its fans. Together we've learned a lot: firstly, making an Indie game doesn't mean you make big money (because as of now we haven't made very much), and secondly, you need to be aware of what is out there that can potentially harm your game. One such thing that can chip away at the money you can make in the... Read All

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Someone posted a video on YouTube that captured 30 minutes of E3 floor footage from 1996. It shows off Nintendo's booth and people playing with the Nintendo 64, Mario Kart and Super Mario World as well as a couple games I don't recognize. I like that this video is free of any commentary and is simply just capturing the 96' E3 show floor, it's a nice change from the massive wall of video commentary we get from these events.

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And this is what we're seeing for the most part!

It always happens like this for the first few hours, so it's best to give it a while.

This time around they've brought back the trading cards as a reward for going through your queue. Much like the most recent sales, every game that will be on sale is already on sale, for as low as it will go. There's no need to wait until the end to see if the game you want will get cheaper.

Is there anything you've been wanting to snag?

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Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
Oh, they're starting right in with the new Zelda. This game looks gorgeous. Easily the prettiest I've seen on the Wii U. It's somewhat cel shaded, like Wind Waker, but much more detailed. MUCH. Looks like you can climb trees, cook, and interact with the environment way more. Link has a new hang glider trick with his poncho.

Here's the trailer they showed: https://youtu.be/1rPxiXXxftE

Reggie is out talking. A "seamless Hyrule." Sounds open world without loading screens. It looks like Nintendo's first day is almost all about Zelda. But he has one other thing to pitch first.

Pokémon Sun and Moon
Rowlet, Litten, and Popplio are... Read All

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So I'm doing this one as a stream of consciousness basically because that's more fun. I hope you have as much fun reading it as I did writing it. I added some titles in after the text because I wasn't sure what they were at first, so it might seem weird sometimes when you just read what the game was, but then I'm surprised by it.

Sony has a pit orchestra. Nobody else has had a pit orchestra. Whatever they're playing is great. Now there's a woman making strange mouth noises and playing a big drum. Still a great piece though.

OH SHIT IT'S GOD OF WAR! BUT KRATOS IS OLD AND BEARDED! HE SURVIVED! And he has a son, who he's trying to train.

God of War
There's no... Read All

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This is the first one of these I'm writing while watching the conference. I don't know why I didn't think to do that earlier :D

Aisha Tyler is amazing. Ubisoft couldn't have found a better host. So far it's the only conference in which the f-bomb was dropped in the first five minutes.

Ghost Recon: Wildlands
Releasing in March 2017. This game looks absolutely beautiful. But I can't really comment much on whether it looks good because I've never played a Clancy game, but to my uneducated eyes it looks like a great addition. It looks highly strategic. It supports solo play or up to four-player co-op.

South Park: The Fractured But Whole
Get it? It sounds like... Read All

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Microsoft, as always, had quite a bit to say. Here's the gist!

Xbox Hardware and Xbox Live

  • Xbox One S: A slimmer version of the Xbox One, launching in August for $300.

  • Project Scorpio: A totally new console from Microsoft, coming in 2017. It's capable of 4K gaming. Microsoft says this is the first step toward their plans for incremental console upgrades. New consoles will be able to play older games, older consoles will be able to play new games, but at lower quality.

  • Custom controllers: Microsoft is launching a Design-your-own controller service, with 8 million possible combinations.

  • Xbox Play Anywhere: A program that lets you buy a game once and play it on... Read All

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