New Marvel trailer so ... you know... here it is! This time for an entirely new set of phase four characters. Phase Four of the MCU features a lot of new characters and Shang-Chi seems to start that out with a fun chop to the face. I’m not sure how this fits into the larger MCU but something, something evil dark magic that somehow things with a character and something something cameo with existing something or other from the MCU. If that’s entirely too specific, sorry I don’t have a whole lot to go on but the trailer looks fun and I’m sure I’ll check this out when I can.

One question I’ve heard folks ask is why all these powerful folks weren’t part of the battle against Thanos? If they were around and powerful, why not show up to the brawl? I’m sure there is a reasonable explanation but until we can see we’ll just have to wonder.

Travis   Admin wrote on 04/19/2021 at 08:22pm

Was coming here to post this and yeah how this fits in is a mystery and honestly... if it didn't have the Marvel logo on it and we hadn't heard plans for this for ages now, I would have no clue this was a Marvel flick. And that's a good thing, I think they need some more variety. I'm hoping Eternals is way different too.

AzureAzule   Super Member wrote on 04/19/2021 at 08:48pm

Sweet! Ten rings to rule them all! Erik Voss at New Rockstars says The Mandarin is his father. The Ten Rings have been there since the first Iron Man movie. Members of the group reappeared later, in Iron Man 2 and Ant-Man. That is a good question about where all these people were when Thanos was around. I'm not sure if being "blipped" is a reason, because I thought they were all returned. I dunno, hopefully that will get answered eventually. Maybe we just didn't see them??

You can see the New Rockstars reaction video here: Later, or tomorrow, there will be a video going over the details of the teaser.

AdamPFarnsworth wrote on 04/20/2021 at 07:50pm

Dude yeah, I am already hyped for this movie!

The actor playing the main character is a martial artist and stuntman, so I'm expecting the fight choreography to be amazing!

AzureAzule   Super Member wrote on 06/25/2021 at 01:20am

This new trailer is good, it's not just a rehash of the first, but contains a lot we didn't see before:

Travis   Admin wrote on 06/25/2021 at 04:10am

Interesting-- Abomination in the cage there at the end. Tim Roth is coming back as Abomination for She-Hulk too, I wonder if that's going to get referenced.

AzureAzule   Super Member wrote on 06/25/2021 at 05:55am

I noticed that, too, but I also had my doubts. It looks like he has fin-like ears, so I thought it was something else. But, other sources show it was indeed him. He is coming to She-Hulk, which I think just points to how all of the MCU, or at least many pieces of it, are woven together.

jdodson   Admin   Post Author wrote on 06/26/2021 at 02:40am

Awesome trailer, thanks for sharing it Greg!

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