My childhood just came rushing back!

I had *all* the He-Man toys (probably nowhere near "all" lol) as a kid, but eventually gave them away to a neighbor kid... and then would go over to his house and play with the toys with him lol.

I LOVE He-Man, and this trailer looks so good! I will definitely be watching this on Netflux next month!

AzureAzule   Super Member wrote on 06/11/2021 at 09:25pm

Wow, my childhood came rushing back, too! "After 40 years" though? Wikipedia says He-Man came out in '83 and I'm 41 (I was born in '79 and will be 42 in a few months), some how this math doesn't seem to add up (and I suck at math). I thought I saw something about this while reading the daily news at (GameSpot). Thanks for sharing, this looks cool! I also like the music in the video! Oh and I also still have some He-man action figures (along with others like TMNT), I've seen them recently.

Will_Ball   Game Mod   Super Member wrote on 06/11/2021 at 10:06pm

Kevin Smith is showrunner on this.

AzureAzule   Super Member wrote on 06/11/2021 at 10:43pm

> Kevin Smith is showrunner on this.


jdodson   Admin wrote on 06/14/2021 at 03:51am

Somehow He-Man looks more ripped in 2021? Will the new season address his possible steroid use?

Will_Ball   Game Mod   Super Member wrote on 06/14/2021 at 04:30pm

He has been lifting battlecat.

AzureAzule   Super Member wrote on 07/03/2021 at 01:51am

Check out this video I just watched with some awesome details about the show! I'm mostly impressed with the cast, which includes Mark Hamill as Skeletor along with Sarah Michelle Gellar and Alicia Silverstone, which are two that I haven't seen or heard about in a very long time. There are other well known cast members, too! Oh another point, is that the composer has worked on Walking Dead (which I've never seen and have no interest in), Battlestar Galactica (the reboot that I loved), and Godzilla: King of the Monsters (something else I loved).

AzureAzule   Super Member wrote on 08/20/2021 at 05:04am

There's also another CG animated He-Man and the Masters of the Universe show coming to Netflix. It doesn't star our familiar He-Man characters, though some of them look similar. You can check out the trailer here:

AzureAzule   Super Member wrote on 10/25/2021 at 12:22am

*My non-spoiler thoughts I wanted to share.*

There are currently only 5 episodes with 5 more to come, although their release hasn't been announced yet. I really enjoyed it and seeing the characters again after so very many years. It brought back some fond childhood memories. It reminded me of the action figures my cousin and I used to collect, some of which I believe I still have. Of course, it reminded me of the cartoon we used to watch.

Mark Hamill is an excellent Skeletor. He's done a fabulous job not only as an live-action actor, but also a voice actor. The Joker is a character he often voices and Skeletor definitely sounds just like him, which I think is perfect. The rest of the cast is great, too. My ears didn't quite recognize Alicia Silverstone, but that could be because Queen Marlena doesn't play a major role, she speaks little. Sarah Michelle Gellar's voice for Leena is very recognizable and I really enjoyed hearing her again. It's been maybe about a decade since I've heard her voice since bingeing Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Liam Cunningham's name isn't as familiar, but his voice for Man-At-Arms makes him recognizable. At first I thought it was Liam Neeson. I think it's an interesting coincidence that both actors share the first name and to me sound very similar. However, if you watched Game of Thrones, you'll recognize the voice of Liam Cunningham. He played Davos Seaworth.

Some of the show is what I call "corny" although "cringe-worthy" I'd say is another term for the same thing. If you don't like puns, then beware there are plenty of them.

I don't want to give away spoilers, so I'll just say that the first episode was shocking. I had to verify that I had watched the first episode, you'll see why. The last episode leaves us on a cliff hanger and I am most definitely looking forward to watching more. I'm still curious about the fate of one character, whether or not it's actually final because I doubt it.

I'd say this show is definitely a good one for those of us who grew up enjoying the classic He-Man cartoon and action figures. I can't say whether or not someone unfamiliar with He-Man would like it.

If you watched this, let me know what you think about it. Let me know if you also grew up w/ He-Man.

Will_Ball   Game Mod   Super Member wrote on 10/25/2021 at 02:58pm

Loved it. I have almost watched the first 5 two times through. Need to finish up the second viewing.

BTW, 2nd part got announced as coming out on Nov 23rd.

AzureAzule   Super Member wrote on 10/25/2021 at 07:37pm

I'm glad you loved it, too. Thanks for the announcement. Wow, November's looking like a good month (here's hoping my state's election goes the way I voted).

AzureAzule   Super Member wrote on 10/25/2021 at 07:54pm

Of I forgot to say "arigato Mr. Roboto."

jdodson   Admin wrote on 10/26/2021 at 04:34am

Kevin Smoth He-man was great. Honestly didn’t expect it to be as awesome as it was. Really looking forward to part two and I enjoyed what they did in the first season.

That said, I get why some fans didn’t like it. It focuses on other characters and gives the show immediate stakes, which makes it seem fresh. It really feels like a new show and I know it upset some folks but new isn’t always bad.

AzureAzule   Super Member wrote on 10/26/2021 at 05:24am

Hm, well my world is pretty isolated, I'm not aware of what anyone else thought other than you and Will_Ball. My only guess for people not enjoying it is because they didn't grow up w/ He-Man like we did. I think I see your point, though. The show seemed to be focused on He-Man much less, which is perhaps why his name isn't even in the title. I'm glad you enjoyed it, too.

Also, I thought it was cool how it actually did tie to the original series. It was admitted that Skeletor kept trying and failing and I think even he recognized that and finally did something about it. I thought it did seem like a continuation or evolution of the original.

There's a CG show of the same world, but it's geared more towards kids and doesn't look interesting to me.

Will_Ball   Game Mod   Super Member wrote on 10/26/2021 at 02:56pm

Some people thought it was too woke. Other people did not like how he-man was used and felt Kevin Smith lied about the show.

AzureAzule   Super Member wrote on 10/26/2021 at 07:51pm

Really? "Woke?" Wow, people are getting really offended with that and I can't understand why. I'm confused, too, because my understanding of the term means becoming aware of racial inequality, but I didn't see that happening at all in the show. In fact, all the humans were white. What exactly did Kevin Smith lie about? Ah well, ya know, it doesn't matter what others think of something, if you enjoy something for yourself that's all that matters. You can't please everyone, clearly.

Will_Ball   Game Mod   Super Member wrote on 10/26/2021 at 11:31pm

Woke in this case as putting the woman in the center rather than the man.

As for what Kevin "lied" about, I will have to be abstract, to avoid spoilers. Prior to the show coming out there were rumors that one character was sidelined. Kevin said that the character was in every episode. Technically Kevin was right, but there is some wiggle room here between what the fans were mad about and what Kevin was saying.

AzureAzule   Super Member wrote on 10/26/2021 at 11:50pm

Ah, right, I guess "woke" isn't specifically racial. I can see how it applies generally to equality.

I see what you're saying about the "lie." That's a good observation. Perhaps people were expecting something much more like that classic cartoon, but instead we got something a bit more modern. Perhaps it has an unexpected focus. I guess it just flew over my head, because I didn't care, it didn't matter to me at all. I enjoyed it. I think the next 5 episodes might be closer to what others were expecting.

Will_Ball   Game Mod   Super Member wrote on 10/27/2021 at 04:07pm
AzureAzule   Super Member wrote on 10/27/2021 at 04:21pm

Sweet! That looks truly epic!

jdodson   Admin wrote on 10/29/2021 at 04:37am


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