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I've been powering through Ocarina of Time 3D on my new 3DS and been having a really good time. As i've said before, Ocarina of Time 3D is how remastered games should be done and I hope it gets ported to the Switch. Not only will it be able to come to a new audience but the new rendering engine and screen should allow it to look even better. I've knocked out a few dungeons recently in the Fire Temple, Water Temple and Shadow Temple. According to gamer folklore the Zelda Water Temples are notoriously unfun and this all started Ocarina on the Nintendo 64. Grezzo, the company that remade Ocarina of Time 3D made some modifications to visuals in the Water Temple to make the level easier and I have to say that they did a pretty good job here. Instead of getting stuck on 6 things I was only stuck on 2 but that still made the level frustrating just... less frustrating. In the end the thing that took me WAY longer to figure out than i'd have liked was the treasure chest that appears after you kill Shadow Link. Somehow I totally missed it and had to spend way too long to come back and get it's contents which were required to progress through the dungeon.... Doh!

The Fire and Shadow Temples are both fairly interesting and have fun moments but like all Zelda dungeons involve a few puzzle tricks that revolve around the main items you just collected. I liked the Shadow Temples hook in that you needed to use the lens of truth to detect hidden doors and platforms but by the end felt it was a smidge overused. Which leads to my biggest critique of Ocarina of Time.

Ocarina of Time repeats itself too much. Once Ocarina of Time gives you a new item or some new mechanic then it proceeds to overuse it. I don't mind coming back to familiar mechanics as that's the base for really great games but in the case of Ocarina it's feeling very samey to the point of being tedious in the late game. Inserting longer and longer dungeons could be interesting but I find Ocarina of Time has many of the same pitfalls that other games have. Which is one of the reasons I rate the older 2D Zelda games so highly, they are shorter and more focused experiences. That said, Ocarina of Time is a child of it's time and Nintendo worked some absolute magic to make this game as great as it is with the limitations of the Nintendo 64. In some ways modern critiques of Ocarina of Time are like saying Citizen Kane is a bad movie because it's shot in black and white the 1.33:1 aspect ratio. Citizen Kane is an absolutely incredible film and a product of it's time and limitations while remaining a fantastic film.

To be honest I never completed Ocarina of Time when I played it on the 64 back in the 90's. I always bailed at the same place, The Gerudo Fortress. To me the game started getting tedious at that point and I just wanted to do something else. Recently I just got to the Gerudo Fortress and apparently I still feel similarly. The only difference is now I want to finally complete it so I hope the game picks up a bit of steam here. I'll admit i've come to this point with many games, Borderlands 2 being an example. Borderlands 2 is a great game but like Ocarina I felt the content was stretched to be too long for my taste. A 15-20 hours long Borderlands 2 would have been absolutely perfect for me but it needs to exist in a world with a much longer playtime to meet modern players expectations.

All that said, overall i've quite enjoyed the game despite some of it's flaws and am really curious to see how the game ends. And, i'm not sure why, but the thought of fighting Ganon in this game is daunting to me. I've always felt like the Ganon portrayed in Ocarina has always been more sinister than other Zeldas as he is a character that shows up now and then and always seemed creepy to me. I think this is the games limitations at work because Ganon never actually emotes so my mind fills in the gaps which is somehow more sinister than he would otherwise be. It's like reading something from a great book where your mind has to fill in the gaps which can make it more personal and immersive.

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Today Nintendo posted three videos that catalog the making of Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild. The first video is linked above called "The Beginning" which talks about the games early concept and start back in 2013. They go into detail about an early game demo that was mocked up using the original Zelda art that fleshed out some early game concepts that was the foundation for what became the final game. The final two videos I'll link below but contain spoilers so I haven't watched them. They don't outright lay out the story(at least that I saw, but I didn't finish them) but they do show scenes from later in the game I didn't want to see. That said, if spoilers don't bother you and you love watching behinds the scenes docs on games you love, click play.

The video below contain later game scenes that may spoil things you want to experience on your own.

The Making of Breath of the Wild - Story and Characters:


The Making of Breath of the Wild - Open Air Concept:


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Clicker games are a genre that I might always have a few minutes for. I don't play clicker games very long but for a brief couple of days they are something I can't stop playing. It all started with Cookie Clicker, the absolute best Clicker game i've ever played. Then came the Steam Summer Sale with the Steam Adventure which was a crazy robot friend adventure that was something I played for entirety of that sale period. I tried my hand at AdVenture Capitalist and enjoyed that for a brief stint and my most recent clicker story is of a game brand new to Steam called Tap Adventure: Time Travel. Is it as good as Cookie Clicker? Nope. But it's a pretty fun free to play clicker that you might find enjoyable enough to sink some time into.

Like all clicker games the goal of Tap Adventure is to start out clicking on bad guys long enough to buy a hero to attack and collect gold for you. From that point on you are min maxing your way to collect more gold and experience to hit level 100 so you can "Time Travel" back to the start of the game keeping some of your previous progress in treasure chest keys and some magic stones that act as a form on in game currency or you can optionally choose to continue on to achieve ever crazier gold collection heights. The art style, music and interface of Tap Adventure is quite good which helps when you basically live in the same clicker UI for your game duration. So far in Tap Adventure i've Time Traveled once and found the second iteration through the grind cycle to be easier as I have an understanding when to save gold for the next big upgrade VS saving to buy a new hero.

Tap Adventure: Time Travel is available for free on iPhone, Android, Steam, PC and Mac. If you are looking for a new clicker game to play that isn't too hard and has some fun moments, you might want to check it out.

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After Gearbox announced that it was in development on Borderlands 3 I've been interested in hearing about how it's shaping up. At this years GDC some footage was shown of Borderlands 3 using the latest Unreal Tournament 4 engine and how it's effecting the look of the game. They wanted to stress that they weren't showing a game but an engine but I imagine this is what they will be eventually rolling with when the game launches... when it launches. The video shows off how they make the art style for Borderlands, the new lighting system and some production art assets.

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Being able to play an old school deathmatch shooter you can play on modern systems that can be played easily with friends is harder than it might sound. Everyone having the same game on Steam is often a problem and if you are having a few friends over as finding a shooter you all have in Steam can be a problem. I recently heard that Quake Champions will be free to play at launch, which makes me very happy. Not only does this mean that anyone with a reasonably powerful PC can play it but it also means that it's available to anyone. Like some modern arena shooters Quake Champions will allow everyone access to Ranger, the default Champion and if you want to play the other Champs you will have to pay. According to Tim Willits you will be able to grind for in game currency to temporarily play as other Champs but if you want to own them, you will have to buy them. In other F2P MOBAs you can grind in game currency to unlock Champs but since different Champions in Quake are simply cosmetic, paying to unlock them makes sense.

Hopefully Quake Champions can be played on reasonable hardware so literally anyone with a PC could play it but if it requires a powerhouse anyone with a newish PC would be OK. The system specs or final release date haven't been announced yet but when they do i'll let you know.

What do you think about Quake Champions going free to play, is this a good idea or do you think this might be bad for the game?


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"She left on a search for a crazy man, it took her all the way across Europe through all of it's ruins and failed Utopias. A strange journey that changed her life forever."

Syberia 2 is the latest game on EA Origins they are giving away for free you might want to look into. It's a point and click adventure game released in 2004 that looks like it blends in campy 90's action movies with ... campy 80's adventure movies? It's free so you know, no harm in trying it.


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The Elder Scrolls: Legends is Bethesda's latest digital card game that has finally received a full PC launch. If you are a fan of free to play digital card games 2017 will be a crazy year as Elder Scrolls Legends, Faeria, Hearthstone, Gwent, Magic The Gathering Online, Shadowverse and Duelyst all compete for attention. It's a crazy amount of free content to play but how much grinding can one person actually do in a day? That said, Elder Scrolls Legends does offer a different experience and if you love the world of Tamriel you need to check this out.

I've played The Elder Scrolls Legends in very early alpha and whereas I wasn't too happy with what I played, I am very interested to try the game now that it has reached 1.0. If you have played Elder Scrolls Legends recently let me know what you think of it in the comments.

"It’s been almost a year since we revealed The Elder Scrolls: Legends, and in that time we have built the game into a strong, fun experience for Elder Scrolls and strategy card game fans alike. The feedback we’ve received from the player community has been invaluable and we are endlessly grateful. We wouldn’t be where we are today without our amazing fans and we want to thank them for helping us grow during our closed beta.

And where are we today, exactly? We’re officially launching The Elder Scrolls: Legends! We’re pleased to announce that the PC version of Legends is now out of beta. Start the game today, play with friends, grow your collection, and begin your adventures across Tamriel. If you’ve already been playing Legends, nothing changes. As we said previously, you keep all your cards and the rewards you’ve earned.

But that’s just what’s happening on PC. We’ve run surveys throughout the last year and we heard players loud and clear: You want to play on your tablets and phones. With that in mind, we’re pleased to announce The Elder Scrolls: Legends will soon be available on the following platforms:

  • iPad – March 23

  • Android Tablets – April

  • Mac OS – May

  • Mobile Phones – Early Summer


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Shadow Of Mordor launched in 2014 and i've heard it's one of the best open world Lord of the Rings games ever made. Game creator Monolith Productions just launched a 16 minute gameplay trailer to Shadow of Mordor's followup Shadow of War. Building on the dynamic story and quest system Shadow of War seems to kick things into overdrive and allow you an even more unique game experience. The options they allow in how you defeat strongholds are pretty incredible involving your soldiers, mind control and dragons.

Middle-Earth: Shadow of War will be launching on PS4, XBox One and PC on August 22nd but if you can't wait to get your Lord of the Rings on and haven't played the original Shadow of Mordor you can get the game of the year edition right now on Steam for $20.

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Rogue One A Star Wars Story blew up the box office pulling in over a billion dollars! Because Disney didn't make quite as much as they should and also because I can't stop buying Star Wars movies I am going to pickup Rogue One when it hits video. There are a couple options on the table for how you can pick it up and I felt it was worth a bit of time to discuss our options.

If you want to get the new movie but can't stand buying physical copies you might want to pickup Rogue One March 24th. I still don't quite get why people do this as nearly all Bluray releases contain a digital copy, but if you don't want to add to the landfill going digital is the best way to go.

If you're like me and still enjoy opening the actual movie, putting the disc in the tray and realizing you could be saving your time by just streaming it you will be getting it on Bluray on April 4th. You can't go wrong with any of the versions available at stores but the special ultra-cool collectors edition is at Target you might want to look into. When Target got the special version with extra behind the scenes extras for Force Awakens that content was digital only and not available on a packin disc. This really sucked and many people complained so it seems Disney has listened and Target is getting an exclusive 5-disc set includes collectible packaging with interchangeable character covers and exclusive bonus content.


Are you going to get Rogue One and if so how?

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Quake was one of the first staples at the early LAN parties I had with my friends. Since I didn't have enough money to afford the full game we were limited to four player multiplayer with the demo. Later on when I had a bit more money I found Quake III on sale and played the heck out of that. Quake, Quake II and Quake III had excellent multiplayer which is something that iD hasn't really seemed to master lately. I really enjoyed the packin co-op that Rage came with and the car deathmatch was really fun too. That said, Quake Champions is iD's upcoming arena based multiplayer shooter and it looks like a incredible retelling of Quake III.

If you're like me then you might be really interested in joining the closed beta and if you are you should head over to the Quake site and join. I'm not sure how many people they will let in, but if it's like most betas they will slowly trickle folks in to test the game and servers and then open the flood gates a bit before launch.


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"The Nintendo Switch is currently flying off store shelves across the globe, but the Switch wouldn't exist if it wasn't for the Wii U. Released in November 2012, the commercially failed successor to the massively popular Wii may have produced less than 200 games during its brief run, but there was a lot of gold to be found among that paltry library. Join me on a journey to pay tribute to the severely underrated black sheep of the eighth console generation!"

If I was pressed to buy a console from the PS4, XBox One and Wii U generation I would have picked up the Wii U. As a PC gamer I feel the games we get fill in the gaps that console exclusives often leave open except with Nintendo games. There is nothing like Mario Maker, Mario Kart 8 and Zelda being made by other companies right now and I honestly believe that Nintendo offers a different game experience than most companies. That said, I didn't get a Wii U but really respect it even if it didn't have the largest game library or a very long lifespan. As the Nintendo Switch is now launched Cygnus Destroyer takes a look at the Wii U and some of his most favorite games on the console. As Nintendo launches it's last game on the Wii U in Breath of the Wild I see the Wii U maintaining a long lifespan well beyond it's years in the retro and collector communities.

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Some people cite the short lifespan of Nintendo's recent Wii U as proof it's biggest failure Nintendo has ever had. As popular as that meme is right now the shortest lifespan of a Nintendo console was a year and it was for the VirtualBoy. The VirtualBoy is a Nintendo console that was launched in 1995 with VR that only allowed games two use colors in red and black. The tech was pretty cool and I remember being impressed with it playing it in the stores but none of the games seemed so great I just had to have one and then it was off the market. The VirtualBoy is the perfect system for collectors as it can live on and be a unique footnote in gaming history.

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The Nintendo Switch & Zelda Breath of the Wild are now safely launched and not only does the Switch seem to be getting good reviews but it seems Breath of The Wild might be one of the best games of all time... already? Breath of the Wild is only few days old but is already getting crazy high reviews like a 98% Metacritic, 10/10 IGN, 10/10 Trusted Reviews, 10/10 Polygon and the like seem to be implying this latest Zelda game might be the pinnacle of the series. Even after the hype train and recent launch to crazy acclaim my plan for picking up a Switch by years end i'm sticking with. I have yet to finish up Ocarina 3D and after that I want to play Link Between Worlds so I have plenty of Zelda for the time being.

Switch Carts Taste Terrible Because... We Need To Eat Them?

Many news sites are reporting that the new Switch game carts taste absolutely terrible, which is something i'd honestly never thought i'd type in a sentence. That said, as Nintendo game carts are now quite small I imagine Nintendo didn't want kids eating them so making the label taste awful would make it so tiny humans don't swallow them which is actually a nice feature now that my house is occupied by a very explorative 9 month old.

That said, if any Cheerful Ghosters have Breath of the Wild on Switch can you lick the games sticker and report back? I'm curious what your thoughts are and what it tastes like. You know, for science. Also, if you are playing Breath of the Wild i'd love for you to post your thoughts on the game so far and keep us updated as you keep playing it.

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Back in 2013 I wrote about a game in early development called Stardew Valley. It was a one man project that looked like the PC Harvest Moon game we always wanted and we followed it over the years until its launch in 2016. We were so excited about the game that WhiteboySlim, Scrypt and I interviewed the developer of the game, something you should check out below.


Recently Stardew Valley celebrated it's one year anniversary and developer ConcernedApe wrote about that and the games long journey to launch. It's a really interesting read and something I recommend you check out.

"Today marks the 1-year anniversary of the release of Stardew Valley.

In some ways, it’s hard to believe that an entire year has already gone by since launch. Yet, at the same time, it’s been the longest year of my life. It’s felt long because I’ve done so much in the last 12 months:

-Game came out
-Released many patches to fix bugs and tweak gameplay
-Dozens of interviews
-Answered thousands of messages/emails
-Provided personal troubleshooting and technical support
-Made many Business/Merchandise deals
-Developed and released the 1.1 update
-Exhibited at PAX and met many fans
-Met Mr. Yasuhiro Wada, the creator of Harvest Moon
-Flew to the UK to visit Chucklefish and collect an industry award
-Built a decent computer and got a nice big desk (No more HP Pavilion propped on a Wii U box)
-Worked with Chucklefish to make the Console ports and localizations happen


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I am woefully late to the reporting party to let you know that the upcoming Hearthstone expansion Journey to Un'Goro has been announced and will launch in April. The announcement video by Ben Brode is well worth watching even if you're not a Hearthstone super fan. Un'Gogo will feature a couple awesome things including Dinosaurs, the new Elemental type and card quests. Card Quests cost one mana and will always show up in your opening hand and if you complete them will award you a crazy legendary like the Priest legendary Amara that's an 8/8 for 5 that sets your players health to 40! Blizzard will start the trickle of new card reveals on March 15th and continue the pace until the set launches in April. There have been some reports that the run up to the release of Un'Goro will contain special login bonuses but nothing official has been announced yet. So far i've saved up 5,000+ gold for Un'Goro and should be able to collect even more for the pack opening when then set hits in April.

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