So it's not actually a game, it's a television show, but it's game related, and I wanted to share it with everyone :)

Code Monkeys is South Park meets The Office meets Nintendo.

The plot of Code Monkeys revolves around the fictitious video game company GameaVision (a play on companies like Activision and Intellivision) and its eccentric employees, mainly the slacker Dave and his high-strung friend Jerry. The entire series takes place in the Silicon Valley city of Sunnyvale, California during the 1980s. The humor of Code Monkeys relies on crude humor and stoner comedy to convey the numerous references to video games, past and present, but mostly games from the 8-bit era. This also extends to cameos from well known video game developers, who appear in the show pitching their ideas to GameaVision for the games that would later make them famous, usually to be rejected, insulted, and sometimes injured or killed off.

And it's on Netflix now :)

Travis   Admin wrote on 12/31/2013 at 02:10am

Wow, I haven't thought about this show in years. It had its hits and misses, but it was pretty enjoyable.

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