When a boulder holds a grudge, no one survives. Bowl your way down the mountain and destroy everything in your path. Crush villages, cars, yetis, golden cows, crush everything!

- CRUSH legions of outrageous mortals, beasts and buildings
- SMASH through over 60 nail-biting goals
- OBLITERATE your high score with boosts and upgrades
- DEMOLISH goals to unlock over 70 new destroyable objects
- DOMINATE your friends via Facebook and Game Center
- MASTER multiple control schemes: tilt, tap or joystick
- ROCK OUT to the hottest yodeling soundtrack of the year

WEAR your finest lederhosen with renewed pride and REVEL in the century’s most yodel-tastic (and FREE) gaming sensation!

Such a simple game, yet addicting. You're a boulder, rolling down a hill. And you can steer and jump. That's it! The game starts off with few obstacles along your way, and as you hit your achievements, you get rewarded with more things to plow through.

It's really an enjoyable time waster. And maddening at times. But it's basically a runner game, and each run lasts between 30 seconds and a few mins, so it's easy to get into a "Once more time" loop! (And there's something very satisfying in becoming a spiked Invinciboulder and smashing through EVERYTHING)

Travis   Admin wrote on 02/11/2014 at 11:55pm

I love this game. Really I only have one complaint-- The goals are sometimes insane. It's awesomely fun, but the progression is often halted when you get to a goal that you just can't seem to do, and you have to pay gems to unlock them if you want to bypass them. This is obviously an attempt to get you to buy gem packs, but that's only a mild annoyance in the grand scheme of things. You will be able to progress eventually, it might just be a ton of work.

If you have an iPhone or Android, definitely check it out. Lots of fun here.

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