Since the last two posts have been about Minecraft, I figured why stop there? Check out the embedded video by xisumavoid to see what's in the next Minecraft update called the Caves & Cliffs Update. If you want to stay up to date with Minecraft news, his channel is definitely one of the best Minecraft channels to watch. This update enhances cave generation and adds a couple new biomes and blocks to them, including copper. There are also two new mobs you'll find in them, one is hostile, while the other is friendly. The former is blind and can only detect your movement. There are new blocks that will detect movement, even allowing for "wireless" Redstone. The latter mob can be collected in a bucket and can help you when you go exploring those Ocean Temples since they are aggressive to the mobs located there.

Some time ago, the community voted on adding goats to Minecraft and they're included in this update along with enhanced mountain generation. Goats have good climbing ability and strong knockback. The next mob that was voted for is the Glow Squid, so we'll see that in the game eventually.

This update is set to release Summer 2021, which I think is a bit of a bummer, but understandable during these pandemic times. Also, Mojang has a website where people can give feedback and others can vote on that feedback. I know this is part of how the cave biomes became part of this update as I noticed it was one of the most popular suggestions. You can give feedback and see more at:

If you want to read more about this update and more head on over to the article Mojang posted regarding this year's Minecraft Live:

Will_Ball   Game Mod   Super Member wrote on 10/06/2020 at 04:56pm

My son is excited. The wait is too long for him though. 😄

Azurephile   Super Member   Post Author wrote on 10/06/2020 at 07:21pm

I know the feeling!

Will_Ball   Game Mod   Super Member wrote on 10/06/2020 at 11:17pm

He even got me back into it. :)

Azurephile   Super Member   Post Author wrote on 10/07/2020 at 12:12am

Awesome! I haven't played in a while. I watched some videos about the Nether Update, but didn't really play, maybe I should get back into it. I didn't enjoy Minecraft Dungeons as much as I thought I would, maybe I need to try again. LOL

jdodson   Admin wrote on 10/12/2020 at 02:06am

This update looks great. Minecraft has always been visually incredible, this really seems to add to that and give players more things to do.

Azurephile   Super Member   Post Author wrote on 10/12/2020 at 05:15am

There's a new video about it that I haven't finished watching yet: Apparently there are going to be "tons" of cave variations. It does look great. I wish I had a RTX 3080 though, I'm sure it'd (the RTX vrersion) shine w/ that GPU. It's been stated that this update will come to all platforms at the same time.

jdodson   Admin wrote on 10/12/2020 at 06:25am

Someday RTX will be everywhere. Until then we dream. 🤣

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