Hey guys, I've been recently been busy playing World of Tanks, A free online game in which two teams of tanks from the WW2 era face off against each other. This game is pretty damn awesome. Probably one of my favorite games right now.

The game is set up to where you start with a beginner tank from each of the countries in the game. These countries include Germany, USA, China, Russia, France, and Great Britain.Each country has its own unique tanks in which you can play as. To get these tanks you must advance through a tech tree by earning experience in battles. Each country really has its own advantages and disadvantages. Some countrys have better heavy tanks and some have better tank destroyers. Not just that but each country's tanks go down to very great detail. All the tanks are designed to have certain weak points in their armor and certain points which they are much more heavily armored, such as the front.

The game is fairly realistic in the way tanks shoot and how the bullets penetrate armor. Bullets can penetrate but not cause damage, they can also ricochet off if the armor is too thick. Now, I'm not certain about this but if the bullet hits a sloped area on the armor, it seems to increase the chance of ricocheting off. Also, you can damage certain parts of the tank like its treads to stop it from moving. This can be a good strategy against tanks that do not have a full 360 degree turret as it allows you to move behind them.

I would highly recommend this game. I've been having a lot of fun with it and would enjoy to play with some of you guys. Its much better when you can communicate better and set up some tactics. The game allows for Clan battles so it would be possible to set up a Cheerful Ghost clan and maybe fight some other clans. You can also platoon with another person(or 2 if you buy premium) and just join random matches with your comrade.

Hopefully I'll see you guys on the battlefield!

scrypt   Supporter wrote on 03/14/2013 at 02:38am

This is a pretty cool game! Lots of fun, and free-to-play. I played it a little last fall, due to a friend getting me into it, but haven't been on much since then. Would be fun to visit the battlefield again sometime. Let me know when you are heading in, and I'll try to be there. Tonight is Far Cry 3 co-op night, but just about any evening after that should work.

jdodson   Admin wrote on 03/14/2013 at 04:29pm

Age of Conan recently went F2P and so I have that and now ill add this of F2P games to checkout. Like how many free games there are out there now. If you just started with a PC and didn't buy games you would have plenty of stuff to have fun with for sure.

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