There's a trailer for The Book of Boba Fett now and it looks great! The show will be exclusively on Disney+ on December 29.

I wasn't sure what this show would be about or like. New Rockstars has a great video pointing out things and explaining different pieces of the trailer ( It looks like this is going to be a cool Star Wars with the criminal underground like The Godfather. It takes when we last saw Boba when he killed Fortuna, who was sitting on the throne at Jabba's palace.

I really enjoyed The Mandalorian and am looking forward to more, for sure! I was glad to see Boba Fett and impressed with his character. I was also glad to see him working with Fennec Shand, who I've seen in The Clone Wars. I remember seeing the unfinished episode that was going to show Boba in a duel with Cad Bane and that's how he got the dent in his helmet. It'd be great if they could actually make this into the show. It's still a mystery how he escaped the sarlacc pit. Some joke or explanation would be cool.

It seems there's also an announcement for a animated Darth Maul series that takes place when we see him in Solo. Paul Bettany is apparently returning, too. Maul was in The Clone Wars and had a duel with Obi Wan. He was also in Star Wars Rebels, too.

What do you think about this? Are you looking forward to it, too? Did you see The Mandalorian? Did you like it, too? Let me know your thoughts.

Will_Ball   Game Mod   Super Member wrote on 11/02/2021 at 02:35am

I think I had grander visions of the book of boba in my head than this trailer suggests. It looks like more of the Mandalorian, which isn’t a bad thing. So, a little disappointed, but I will be there day 1.

jdodson   Admin wrote on 11/02/2021 at 04:05am

Yeah. My guess is most "Mandalorian Shows" or shows that are spun out of The Mandalorian will look and feel a lot like this. I'm not saying any of them will be bad, I'm sure they will be great shows and I'll watch them all.

Travis   Admin wrote on 11/03/2021 at 03:56pm

I love that Robert Rodriguez is attached to this. He’s kinda perfect for a desert western, and this just happens to have some sci-fi too.

Will_Ball   Game Mod   Super Member wrote on 11/03/2021 at 04:37pm

I hope Robert Rodriguez knocks it out of the park. He has had some misses.

Will_Ball   Game Mod   Super Member wrote on 12/08/2021 at 07:36pm

New Boba trailer dropped. I feel this one works better than the last one. Thoughts?

GregoPeck   Super Member   Post Author wrote on 12/08/2021 at 09:34pm

Looks cool. I've seen other trailers for this, I'm surprised I didn't share them.

jdodson   Admin wrote on 12/10/2021 at 02:36am

I didn’t watch it but I’ll see it. I’m interesting please like and subscribe.

GregoPeck   Super Member   Post Author wrote on 12/29/2021 at 05:35am

Friendly reminder: The Book of Boba Fett premiers on Disney+ in about 2 1/2 hours (3AM EST/12AM PST 12/29/21).

GregoPeck   Super Member   Post Author wrote on 12/29/2021 at 10:27pm

(No spoilers!) If the show didn't open as it did it would have been a very strong disservice to fans. I think it's interesting how while I'm watching these Disney+ shows, they come to an unexpected end. They don't satisfy my episodic hunger for more, they give me a good chunk of a morsel, but still have me coming back for more. These Disney+ shows are among the best of 2021 and they make me look forward to what's coming up in 2022 and beyond. I'm very grateful!

Will_Ball   Game Mod   Super Member wrote on 12/30/2021 at 06:59pm

Boba episode 1 was so good.

GregoPeck   Super Member   Post Author wrote on 12/30/2021 at 11:02pm

There are at least a couple of elements that could be brought over from The Bad Batch and I wonder if they will be. Maybe we'll see Muchi. There's a main character who could possibly appear, but I don't know if I want to see a live-action version of her, I didn't really like her much.

GregoPeck   Super Member   Post Author wrote on 01/05/2022 at 11:05pm

This is so good! That second episode started off with a tease. I was hoping to see Muchi! I'm really glad they made this great show fleshing out the character of Boba Fett. I never cared much about him before, but now I know he's freaking awesome! This episode was a bit more cultural, which is great, because it's giving another group of people some more attention. I think this show is showing us sides of Star Wars we've never seen before and that's just great! It was also a great "space western." I love it!

Travis   Admin wrote on 01/06/2022 at 03:49am

Oh crap I forgot that today was Boba day. Gotta catch up

Will_Ball   Game Mod   Super Member wrote on 01/06/2022 at 02:34pm

2nd episode is so good.

jdodson   Admin wrote on 01/06/2022 at 05:42pm

I liked how long the second episode was. Really seemed like an event more than the very short Mando episodes.

Travis   Admin wrote on 01/07/2022 at 05:54pm

Yeah this was some of the most interesting Star Wars content in a while. I never really thought about Tusken culture but I am so glad we saw it. It was fantastic.

Some deep cut cameos in this too, if you watched the A New Hope deleted scenes you’ll recognize the place with the speeders as the one and only Tosche Station where Luke wanted to go get some power converters. And the two humans in there were Luke’s friends.

Also the Wookiee bounty hunter we see is Black Krrsantan from the Vader and Aphra comics.

GregoPeck   Super Member   Post Author wrote on 01/07/2022 at 10:13pm

I agree regarding the Tuskens! I found out about the other details you mentioned via New Rockstars and those cameos are cool. What I really liked was Black Krrsantan. He looks so angry! I want to see more of him.

Travis   Admin wrote on 01/08/2022 at 12:24am

I bet we see a lot more of him!

GregoPeck   Super Member   Post Author wrote on 01/08/2022 at 02:31am

Maybe even in Obi-Wan.

Travis   Admin wrote on 01/09/2022 at 03:20am

Ooooh good call

GregoPeck   Super Member   Post Author wrote on 01/09/2022 at 04:54am

>Ooooh good call

Not really my idea. I had no idea who he was when he showed up, but watching New Rockstars on YouTube fills in the vast voids of my knowledge. It's awesome learning more about the characters and lore of Star Wars, especially when it comes from non-movie sources.

jdodson   Admin wrote on 01/10/2022 at 04:35pm

Whoa. Tosche Station, I don’t remember we’re there power converters there? It looked fairly small and not really a general store.

GregoPeck   Super Member   Post Author wrote on 01/13/2022 at 03:17am

"Disney+ doesn't disappoint" is perhaps the best way to sum up how I feel about every episode of these shows I watch. I wasn't too into Bad Batch, but it was still good.

(Possibly mild spoilers)
My first reaction this episode was "damn." They gave us something awesome and took it away. I like seeing BK! My second thought is "don't look a gift rancor in the mouth." Something's suspicious and perhaps why an expected name wasn't dropped. Also, the "Witches of Dathomir" name drop was interesting. I'd like to see them in live-action.

There were a few significant cameos. I know Stephen Root from the movie Office Space. Danny Trejo is probably very well recognized. He's in so many movies and more! The first time I saw him was in the movie Desperado.

GregoPeck   Super Member   Post Author wrote on 01/19/2022 at 11:47pm

(No spoilers). I think we're going to get a cameo from a recent Star Wars character. You'll hear a very familiar tune at one point and then you'll hear it again at the end. I hope what I heard means what I think it does! Let me know what you think.

Will_Ball   Game Mod   Super Member wrote on 01/21/2022 at 06:15pm

I didn't notice any tune. :) Any hints from which show or movie?

GregoPeck   Super Member   Post Author wrote on 01/22/2022 at 02:23am

What was the last live-action Disney+ Star Wars show you saw? (A question that really doesn't need to be answered, because what other live-action Disney+ Star Wars shows are there? LOL).

GregoPeck   Super Member   Post Author wrote about 23 hours ago

Boba sees a big light in the night sky while the flute plays. It plays again after Fennec Shand says she knows where to find some people at the end. I'm still confused about the timeline between that show and this one. I thought I understood. It seemed easy and sequential, but I rewatched that other show and now it's more confusing. I think that confusion will get resolved next episode. I'm sure *he* is going to be there. If I was forced to bet, then I would bet on it.

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