So.. I saw this and was like hmm, I have most of those games, right? I checked GOG and Steam and I did indeed own a good half of the games offered here plus some not offered.

I got the full package anyways. I looked up each game offered and saw some promise. The Might and Magic Clash of Heroes is apparently really fun and plays like Puzzle Quest (a rpg match 3 style game). So, that alone I'm glad I picked this up.

But then I looked at Might and Magic X Legacy...The game at a glance has mixed reviews. That's because the game is tailored for a group of older gamers wanting a turn based rpg again. Most of the reviews either love it (for reasons I would) or condemn it (for same reasons). So, I'm realyl looking forward to it. I never got into too many Might and Magics, but one of my first RGPs was on Sega Genesis. Might and Magic II. Oh how I still love this game. So much depth and open world to a game.

I'm eager to try some others.

Also, the Heroes of Might and Magic VI looks worthy (I already had V) as does trying out that Duel of Champions card game.

So, even though I owned half these games, I think for $15, it's one good bundle. (At least do the pay what you want for the Might and Magic 1-6 collection if you haven't grabbed from GOG yet.

Anyone else play many of these games?

scrypt   Supporter wrote on 05/01/2015 at 06:17pm

Clash of Heroes is fun, but I don't know that I'd compare it too closely with Puzzle Quest. Clash is built on a match-three system, but the combat is much more active, and the strategy deeper than that of PQ. I love both of those games, but they play very differently.

Have you played the Legend of Grimmrock games? I was interested in Might & Magic X, too, but the reviews turned me away. Most people are saying the Grimmrock games are a more polished set of that turn-based, first person RPG.

JaBo   Post Author wrote on 05/01/2015 at 10:37pm

I haven't. The name wasn't familiar, but upon looking it up, I do remember checking it out a while back. I think what didn't have me pursuing it was that it's all in a dungeon (it seems). It reminded me of Wizardry 8 - which I did play a bit of. I like the idea of having a full world to explore.

JaBo   Post Author wrote on 05/01/2015 at 10:37pm

This is the review that convinced me I should try M&M-X:

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Posted: January 12
As someone who bought MM-1 off the shelf way back in the day, and have played every game in the series other than 9, the mixed reviews made me hesitant to jump in. But picking up the deluxe version (includes MM6) on sale I jumped in, and have been pleasantly surprised.

Reading other reviews, I can relate to a lot of the pros/cons cited, but for me things other people found as cons (combat, grid movement) were very much pros for me. I think what this game does well, it does very well, but it may not be to everyone's taste.

MMX strips out a number of features that existed in 6-8 in particular, but ultimately that makes MMX much more of a tactical game than its predecessors. In those games in most environments you could easily exploit the strength of ranged combat and the opportunity to toggle in/out of turn-based combat to kite. I may have, at times, even exploited running out of dungeons to avoid a fight or having to reload in those earlier MM games - that doesn't work here.

Kiting in this game is only at all possible with certain class combinations, and the 'ambush' nature of many encounters and the inability to move with an enemy already in melee range make that impossible. MMX will require you to rest, and use potions, and buff/debuff. If you open a door in a dungeon without saving or resting first, you'll probably regret it. And AFAIK you can't leave an area while in combat to exploit out of the fight.

As for character creation, I'd agree that the options for any individual character are not deep (which may hamper your RP enjoyment), but party selection itself is imo a moderately complex tactical game. The variety of options for party composition are deep. 12 classes and 4 races to choose from, and you're almost certain to have to forgo something you really want in your party (whether a race, or a buff, or dps combos).

Puzzles are pretty good on the whole, story is meh (but personally I don't think plot has ever been high on the list of reasons to play MM), and the skill system is true to its predecessors while offering a variety of small tweaks/improvements.

As for being one-shot, that can happen, and generally for 2 reasons: 1) you wandered into an area too high for your party level, or 2) you really needed to get your buffs on.

If you aren't completely turned off by the notion of a turn-based, tactical RPG where there's more focus on the complexity of party creation and skill progress, for me that has been a real steal, and makes me very willing to consider paying full price if they release a follow up. Will you have to save/reload a lot even on normal difficulty? Yes, but for me that's been part of the charm - progression in this game feels like an actual achievement.

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