This is one of my favorite games ever and if you haven't played it yet, read no further, get it, and give it a play through.

Bastion (Supergiant Games) can be played on just about everything, from Xbox/PC to Google Chrome and I wish more people have played this game. There are so many things to say about it, where do I even start? From the beginning, I suppose.

Upon starting the game, you wake up in your bed as "The Kid" in the aftermath of the Calamity that has ripped your world apart. And it's up to you to create a world where you and the people you meet along the way can start a new life.

The entire play-through is narrated by a man named Rucks who will help to guide you. It may seem like having your every action narrated would be more of a hindrance than help, but it is done so in a way that adds so much to feeling of Bastion (and it doesn't help that the voice over actor has a voice like lemonade on a hot summer's day, lol). The game tells such a beautiful story, full of hope and perseverance. I probably would have played this game even if it didn't include such awesome everything else. ("It's frightening to think how much the human voice has done to distance Bastion from the crowd." - Edge [9/10])

One of the biggest points for this game, at least for me, is how Supergiant Games knew that a well placed song or melody can add volumes of depth and emotion to a game or a cut scene. The music selected for Bastion is spot on, managing to evoke a range of emotions and serve in pulling you deeper and deeper into the world of Caelondia (the city in which the game takes place). If you can get your hands on a copy of the game that includes the soundtrack, I highly recommend it (it really is worth the few extra bucks).

Combined with all this are absolutely beautiful graphics, detailed and very colorful. Had Bastion not been done in it's cartoon-y style, being so colorful would have been an eyesore. But the way they managed to pull it off, every "zone" is something out of a fairytale,

With 2 different difficulties to play on with an arsenal full of weapons, you can really play this RPG in a way that best suits you (don't forget the Proving Grounds to try out each of your weapons and hone your skill!).

Give it a try and you won't believe that this game only took 2 years to complete with only 7 people working on it (yes, 7, that's not a typo)! I already can't wait for the new title from Supergiant Games, Transistor, set to release in 2014.

Brandon_Waters wrote on 03/26/2013 at 12:58am

Bastion is $1 (pay what you want) at until tomorrow (3/26/13) - I believe. GO BUY IT NOW!

Sparklepop   Post Author wrote on 03/26/2013 at 01:03am

What he said! ^

Brandon_Waters wrote on 03/26/2013 at 01:07am

Double checked 17 hours left to buy it at $1. Doooo eeet!

Travis   Admin wrote on 03/26/2013 at 01:05pm

This game is a true treasure and shows that much of the hope for gaming's future, in my mind, is with the indie devs. There's real innovation coming from small teams that we haven't seen in years.

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