This game is so cool. It may look easy but once rush hour comes the ships try to crash into each other. My high score is 35, but I will keep working on it.

Tungsten wrote on 05/06/2012 at 05:20am

Is it like Flight Control?

jdodson   Admin wrote on 05/06/2012 at 05:20am

It's a fun game. So far my high score is 51 cargo drops. So frantic later on!

Talky   Post Author wrote on 05/06/2012 at 05:22am

Jdodson says yes it is like flight control

Tungsten wrote on 05/06/2012 at 03:33pm

It's funny: I can fly around a battlefied at 200km/s, shooting people out of the air whilst keeping track of my enemies, my team's flag, and my ammo, but guiding boats/planes into a harbor/airport is too much for me.

jdodson   Admin wrote on 05/06/2012 at 07:42pm

I agree, its so hard. I know a guy who claims he got to the 70's. WHO IS THIS JEDI?

Talky   Post Author wrote on 05/10/2012 at 05:33am

I got up to 96 today! It was stressful n awesome. No I did not undo a crash to get it either.

jdodson   Admin wrote on 05/10/2012 at 06:10am


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