Bioshock Infinite... What is Infinite about it, I wonder...

1st Bioshock:
I tried playing the 1st Bioshock.. But stopped playing after a while coz my old comp could not handle it well, So I dont get "The Bioshock Experience" that many people talked about. But I do like the concept of "Big Daddy" n the "Lil Girl".. The Lil Girl reminds me of those ghost kids from Japanese Horror movies.. Aint that cool =P and the underwater city is really beautiful.. Makes you want to actually live in such city.. Without the monster and crazy people, of course =) Still looking forward to play this again someday to understand the story and coolness of Bioshock!

2nd Bioshock:
I had the 2nd Bioshock in my inventory. Haven't install it yet, waiting to get my hands on the 1st one again and finish that one first. But I heard that the 2nd game has something similar to "Big Daddy" but in female and slimmer forms.. Enemy's of Big Daddy if I'm not mistaken.. with the creepy red eye.. Lurking in the dark, preying on those unsuspecting strangers.. and then BAMMMM! Game Over =P

3rd Bioshock: [BIOSHOCK INFINITE!!]
This is the 3rd CG contest that I joined. First two are the Borderlands 2 and Torchlight 2. Borderlands 2 I enter late eventhough some people liked my "Haiku" back then. Torchlight 2, I already owned back then but got revoked by Steam (I was scammed); thats why I joined the CG contest to get it back.. In the end, Steam Support gave the game back to me so I yet again cancelled my contest entry..

So now, Bioshock Infinite.. Endless infinite entries are already swarming the Steamgif gift.. So my only bigger chance is here.. Maybe I will win it this time.. To see the Bioshock Experience that people talked about on my own.. I wonder if Big Daddy is still there; or the women version of Big Daddy from Bio2; or even a new form of Big Daddy, if it exist in Bioshock Infinite >< Oh, the other reason that I want to try this game is because of the woman in the cover picture.. They only have the Big Daddy's picture usually in the first two game, but now A Macho guy and a fine woman =P So yeah, I wanna know about the story ><

After all: """""" It is My Holy Duty to Guard Against The Foreign Hordes! """""

Thank you for giving another cool giveaway CG =D

Travis   Admin wrote on 03/08/2013 at 05:16pm

Just to tidy things up a bit, we're removing the contest entries from the front page. Don't worry, your entry is still totally valid and we'll find it. Thanks for entering!

TonyJapMayo   Post Author wrote on 03/09/2013 at 05:09am

Ok, not a problem. Thanks Travis =)

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