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Bioshock Infinite... What is Infinite about it, I wonder...

1st Bioshock:
I tried playing the 1st Bioshock.. But stopped playing after a while coz my old comp could not handle it well, So I dont get "The Bioshock Experience" that many people talked about. But I do like the concept of "Big Daddy" n the "Lil Girl".. The Lil Girl reminds me of those ghost kids from Japanese Horror movies.. Aint that cool =P and the underwater city is really beautiful.. Makes you want to actually live in such city.. Without the monster and crazy people, of course =) Still looking forward to play this again someday to understand the story and coolness of Bioshock!

2nd Bioshock:
I had the 2nd Bioshock in my inventory. Haven't install it yet, waiting to get my hands on the 1st one again and finish that one first. But I heard that the 2nd game has something similar to "Big Daddy" but in female and slimmer forms.. Enemy's of Big Daddy if I'm not mistaken.. with the creepy red eye.. Lurking in the dark, preying on those unsuspecting strangers.. and then BAMMMM! Game Over =P

3rd Bioshock: [BIOSHOCK INFINITE!!]
This is the 3rd CG contest that I joined. First two are the Borderlands 2 and Torchlight 2. Borderlands 2 I enter late eventhough some people liked my "Haiku" back then. Torchlight 2, I already owned back then but got revoked by Steam (I was scammed); thats why I joined the CG contest to get it back.. In the end, Steam Support gave the game back to me so I yet again cancelled my contest entry..

So now, Bioshock Infinite.. Endless infinite entries are already swarming the Steamgif gift.. So my only bigger chance is here.. Maybe I will win it this time.. To see the Bioshock Experience that people talked about on my own.. I wonder if Big Daddy is still there; or the women version of Big Daddy from Bio2; or even a new form of Big Daddy, if it exist in Bioshock Infinite >< Oh, the other reason that I want to try this game is because of the woman in the cover picture.. They only have the Big Daddy's picture usually in the first two game, but now A Macho guy and a fine woman =P So yeah, I wanna know about the story ><

After all: """""" It is My Holy Duty to Guard Against The Foreign Hordes! """""

Thank you for giving another cool giveaway CG =D

I just recently got the game.. Tempted because I heard its hard and I found out that it really is a lot harder than normal games! I've died more than the number of my death count from all of my other games combined, in just one day.. lol..

Any tips? great class to farm, good weapon to use, etc..

Or maybe we can try multiplayer, I havent try it yet =)

Happy new year CG..

Wishing a great year for everyone and endless happiness, peace and joy for us all..

GG =)

Hi CG members,

Finally today Steam support just replied to my email regarding the Scammed Revoked Torchlight 2..
n they decided to return it to me =) Unbelieveable.. I thought of it as pretty much gone!

So yeah, my entry here is cancelled.. Thanks for the Fantaboulous opportunity though..
Another great giveaway that I will miss =( Last time was Borderlands 2 n now this..

So yeah, have a great day everyone.. I'm looking forward for another awesome giveaway =P
Torchlight is a very fun game.. The cartoonist version of Diablo I supposed..
-Torchlight 1 is awesome but it doesn't have the Multiplayer part.

- Torchlight 2 is pretty much Torchlight one with Co-op option, more Class, More pets, More Items and pretty much more fun =) I liked how we have various pets to choose from now, 2 Dogs, Wolf, Tiger, Cat and Bird looking lizard/dragon?! My characters were the Engineer (Main Char) and the Embermage!


* Actually I had Torchlight 2 but yesterday the gift was revoked by Steam! I traded it with someone from Steamtrade but it seems that the person is a scammer =( That is why I'm entering this, hoping that I could win Torchlight 2.. I've got some great items and 2 Characters! I really want to play them again =( Miss them.. Scammed Proof (


** EDIT: Since the rules changed, I'll change stuff too.. This is my story.. I had two characters as mentioned before..
- First is Erza (Name from Fairy Tail Anime), the Scarlet Hair Embermage, accompanied by the Mighty Dragon Bird, Draco.. Strong and mighty.. Built to last for the Hardcore Elite difficulty.. Tank type Engineer, My Main Char (The picture above is the only proof that Erza once exist in the realm of Torchlight 2, took it to show off the Boots to my friends)..

- Second is Mirajane (Another name from Fairy Tail Anime), The Almighty Embermage, accompanied by her cute dog which name has been forgotten (this is a newly created char).. In her inventory, Powerful Unique weapons, armours, items n sets (From My Main Char) are waiting for the time when the master is powerful enough to wield their powers.. Unfortunately, human's cruelty and wickedness (The Scammer) stole her life (Game revoked) and now it is only up to the Mighty Heroes (Cheerful Ghost Members) to help resurrect her (and Erza) from the inevitable death.. Now Rise oh Mighty Heroes, lend Thy Powers to eradicate the evils and wicked beings from the surface of the earth..

My Game is Over.. 10... 9... 8... 7... 6... 5... 4... 3... 2... 1. . . . . . . . . .
Will you help me Continue?


Some of you might remember me, The Hiragana (Japanese) Haiku from the last Borderlands 2 giveaway. So here, some Japanese again, just because Japan is so awesome and cool =)

+ Nihonggo/Japanese: こにちはみなさま(いまはごごいちじはんです)、おげんきですか?とにかく、がんばってくださいね ><
+ Eigo/English: Good evening everyone (now is roughly 1.30pm), how are you all? Anyway, Good Luck for the giveaway ><

Hi guys, anyone had problem logging in? I was on last night, went back to main menu to make new character.. But somehow GW2 just shut down, then when I want to log in again, I can't do so until now!

Error code: 122:4:5:1278

I emailed support, Support sent me to technical support, then Technical support sent me back to support!! then nothing until now.

Can anyone help please? =(

My Turn, Haiku in Japanese (Watashi wa Nihongo ga sukoshi wakarimasu ne) =)


So-re wa na-ni?
Bo-ru-do-ra-n De-su!
Ni-ba-n De-su =)

What is that?
It is Borderlands!
The second one =)

By the way, what I am submitting is the Hiragana/Romaji Haiku..
Read the Hiragana if you understand, if not the Romaji =)