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Donkey Kong on Nes

Cheerful Ghost Games Club is back with Donkey Kong!

In season two of Cheerful Ghost Radio we are doing bite-sized NES Classic review episodes. We want to make you all part of these episodes, so join this event to get in on the discussion for our next NES Classic review, Donkey Kong!

We'll review Donkey Kong in an episode following the event, and include opinions and commentary from people who joined and chatted with us about it.

This month's game is Donkey Kong! Donkey Kong is a very early platformer that launched Mario (when he was still called Jumpman!) into the hearts and minds of kids everywhere, and eventually spawned the modern interpretation of DK starting with Donkey Kong Country.
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Will_Ball   Game Mod   Super Member wrote on 03/03/2018 at 10:46pm

I made it to loop 3 on the beginner mode. This version feels easier than the arcade version. The controls seem more forgiving. Maybe I was playing on a very worn out arcade machine the last time I played it.

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