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It’s been five years since our last Terraria server if you can believe that, so this is a long time coming! The final major update for Terraria is out now, and we are hosting our sixth server!

Journey Mode is a new mode added into Terraria 1.4, and we are going to try it out. We’ll start with normal difficulty and ramp up as we get tougher.

We’re starting with 8 slots but if demand ramps up we can add more.
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GregoPeck   Super Member wrote on 05/26/2020 at 05:21am

Journey mode lets you replicate items. You have to research them first. Usually you'll need 100 of them to unlock the ability to replicate (like 100 ore). You can even replicate coins and be rich! This means you only have to mine a obtain a certain amount of materials before you can replicate it for free. This helps other people get access to those same resources, so that they can replicate, too. You can also replicate accessories, which usually only takes one to research. So check out the spawn area for chests and if you need something take it, research it, replicate 2 of them, and put one back in the box for someone else. Sharing is caring! I think this will be extremely helpful, especially in Hard Mode an the ores are more rare. To open the "power menu" click on the rabbit head wearing a yellow hard hat in the lower left hand corner below your open inventory).

You can get more info about Journey mode from Chippy's video at or the Journey Mode guide at

GregoPeck   Super Member wrote on 05/28/2020 at 04:08am

Be sure to check the chests at the starting point for all kinds of goodies! Take as many of an item you need to research it, replicate it for you, and replicate it again to put back in the chest for someone else. We love duping!

GregoPeck   Super Member wrote on 05/29/2020 at 05:45am

Chippy has a good 1.4 tips video:

Travis   Admin   Post Author wrote on 06/13/2020 at 07:09pm

I posted this in the steam group chat as well, but it's here in case you all miss that notification.

Howdy folks. So @Will I see you joined the event, but I'm not sure if you've popped in yet. But as we kinda blasted through this server in Journey mode, I wanted to talk about where we might go next. Tim, Greg, you guys interested in starting over on a non-Journey world? Expert maybe since we haven't fully done one of those yet?

And Will I'm not sure how much experience you have with Terraria so expert may be a bit of a shock coming in fresh

Will_Ball   Game Mod   Super Member wrote on 06/15/2020 at 05:04am

I have 0 experience. 🤣

Will_Ball   Game Mod   Super Member wrote on 06/16/2020 at 04:08pm

What is the best way to get into this game? I tried it and it has yet to click for me.

GregoPeck   Super Member wrote on 06/16/2020 at 07:22pm

I'm not sure, but I do recommend looking at the wiki ( for anything and everything you want to know about in the game. I use it every time I play. You could also look at a couple of YouTube channels, namely ChippyGaming ( and Re-Logic (

Will_Ball   Game Mod   Super Member wrote on 06/16/2020 at 07:28pm

Thanks GregoPeck! I will check those out.

Travis   Admin   Post Author wrote on 06/16/2020 at 08:23pm

I guess my question would be, what exactly isn't clicking? How far have you gotten so far?

Will_Ball   Game Mod   Super Member wrote on 06/16/2020 at 11:51pm

I have not gotten far. It seems pretty open and kind of "minecrafty".

GregoPeck   Super Member wrote on 06/17/2020 at 01:59am

Yeah, that's about it, but it's a 2D side-scroller with bosses and a lot more things. There's a gradual path of progression. You may want to start with wooden armor, if you haven't found any metal yet. Keep looking around for ore, mine it, smelt it, make better weapons, armor, tools, and repeat. The wiki has a page showing off all the game's armor ( I usually go for higher defense, but there are different ways to play, not just melee, so get what you want or what you can until you can get what you want. Eventually the Eye of Cthulu will find you and attack you, so prepare to fight it off. Eventually you'll find items that allow you to summon it, so you can kick its ass. You can also look in the jungle for the Queen Bee. Your world will be "corrupted" w/ crimson or corruption and you'll need to fight the associated boss as well. If you want in the dungeon, you'll have to fight another boss (ask the guy at the entrance at night). Eventually, make your way to hell (the bottom of the map) and be get prepared to fight the Wall of Flesh and turn your world into "hard mode." That's pretty much it. You can find different NPCs that have various utilities ( For instance, you can talk to the angler and go fishing. There are also a variety of accessories, some of which can be combined by the Tinkerer's Workshop ( Ultimately, you want to make your way to crafting a PDA that has very many features.

Travis   Admin   Post Author wrote on 06/17/2020 at 03:06am

> You can also look in the jungle for the Queen Bee.

But definitely gear up before this. It's not easy early on.

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