It appears Amazon will be entering the console market, and the rumors are flying about what exactly it will be.

It looks like it will probably be powered by a Qualcomm chip that is normally used in set-top boxes and TV's. Rumors also came about recently about Amazon making its own set-top box to stream media, so this is probably all the same thing.

This, combined with rumors that Google is doing the same, the GamePop subscription-based Android console, and the already present but struggling Ouya... the market is getting a little crowded for this type of console.

Full story on TechCrunch:

Read more about Google's rumored console:
And find all the details of the GamePop here:

jdodson   Admin wrote on 08/10/2013 at 07:41pm

This is awesome to see. I want more micro consoles like this to pervade the market for a few reasons.

It will be nice to have a zillion companies all doing the same thing. Hopefully frameworks and tool chains will make it easier to port games to all the different systems.

Hacking this stuff to do whatever you want is pretty neat.

Hopefully they all have a reasonable web browser included. Yay Cheerful Ghost everywhere.

We need more than just Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo in the living room.

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