This isn't something I'd normally share as a front-page post, as it's just a clip compilation, but I think this one actually says something that's worth saying, and really shows a change in philosophy between games.

One of the many complaints people had with GTA IV was its darker, more serious tone. The series has been known for its over-the-top carnage and sandbox mayhem, but GTA IV toned that down to support the story.

GTA V changes that. It isn't quite what you saw in San Andreas (personally, I think that's a good thing) but the mayhem is center stage yet again. And that's especially present in one of the three protagonists, Trevor.

A little background-- you play as three different characters in GTA V, and when you switch between them, they aren't just sitting at home waiting for you to control them. They're living their lives, doing whatever they would do. Franklin is frequently hanging with friends, or walking his dog, Chop. Michael might be on a bench outside his therapist's office, or sitting at home drinking scotch on the couch. Trevor... well, just see for yourself. Trevor is the game's id, the character where chaos really shines, and moments like this make that all the more apparent.