Good news for people who like older games! With the GameSpy service shutting down soon, many games are on the multiplayer chopping block.

2K announced yesterday that many Civilizations games and the original Borderlands will move to Steamworks. The following games will be switching on May 31.

Civilization® III
Civilization® III: Conquests
Civilization® III: Play the World
Civilization® IV
Civilization® IV: Beyond the Sword
Civilization® IV: Colonization
Civilization® IV: Warlords

Unfortunately, Borderlands and Civilization: Revolution on PS3 used GameSpy, and will lose multiplayer support.

The full list of 2K games known to be affected by the shutdown are listed here:

And the blog post announcing the fixes:

jdodson   Admin wrote on 05/01/2014 at 04:30am

Happy to see 2K patching Borderlands and CIV to use Steamworks. Odd more companies didn't use Steamworks already as most games ship on Steam. That said, I guess when Civ III and Borderlands hit Steam wasn't the defacto PC standard as it is now.

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