There's a new ARG/Viral marketing thing going on for No Man's Sky, and unless you've been following from the beginning it's easy to be confused like me. It started with cassettes being sent to some people involved in No Man's Sky subreddits that, when the waveform was analyzed and decrypted, had a secret message: portal.

Since then, the Waking Titan project site has launched, with the promise of 10,000 random entrants receiving a physical Atlas Pass v4, a questionnaire, a secret decoder wheel to get you into a website with Titan commands, PDFs with what may be coordinates to planets in-game, and other strange things.

I do worry that this is building hype for something that may not deliver what people expect, but I'm having fun tuning in to see what's new. I'm hoping for that shiny Atlas pass too.

Gamespot has a good breakdown of what's happening:

And the NMS subreddit has some more history:

Azurephile   Super Member wrote on 07/23/2017 at 06:31am

I saw some news about this, but I didn't look deep into it. I just saw that there was some website promotion going on. Thanks for filling in those details. I'm not sure if I'll look into it, but that pass seems like something that'd be cool to get (assuming it can be used somehow). I'm looking forward to the future of NMS. I still haven't found the center of the galaxy.

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