Excitebike is a Motocross racing game developed by Nintendo as part of the original NES launch lineup. In Excitebike you can choose to race Solo or against other computer players and you can qualify for the Excitebike championships by coming in at first or third place time. In Excitebike there is also a design mode, allowing you to build and race your own tracks.

In season two of Cheerful Ghost Radio we are doing bite-sized NES Classic review episodes. We want to make you all part of these episodes, so comment below if you have ideas for more of these, and head on over to the Cheerful Ghost Events section to join in on the discussion for our next NES Classic review, Donkey Kong!


Travis   Admin   Post Author wrote on 02/27/2018 at 03:52am

As a quick aside, we're still finding our footing on this new format and we totally failed to mention comments from the event for this one. Sorry about that, and we promise to do it next time!

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