I signed up for the Paladins Console Beta at https://www.paladins.com/ps4-beta-signup/ a little while ago. Being a fan of the game on PC (I run it on Linux under Wine) and already being familiar with Hi-Rez Studios' PS4 port of their exciting action MOBA, Smite, this was a no-brainer. Didn't expect to get an invite any time soon as I'm not a pro-tier player and rarely play in the competitive queue. However, I did get my invite…to the closed Alpha test.

Hi-Rez seems committed to making games that fans like to play. They also like to encourage people to play with friends. Smite often has weekends where there are bonuses for being in a party and Paladins has a permanent bonus for playing with a friend or two. That's why they included two keys.

If you have a PS4 and you're interested in joining an alpha test of an incredible team-focused objective-based 5v5 shooter, let me know. Be aware that the Alpha is just that: Alpha. There are some game-breaking bugs right now and that's likely to be the case until the Beta phase. If this isn't your type of game or you're not likely to commit to playing at least three times a week, PLEASE don't ask for the key.

You don't have to be my friend on PSN, but it sure wouldn't hurt to have someone else to play with.

NOTE: I will probably wait a couple of days to gather responses before randomly giving the key away. Also, this is not the only place I have offered the key. I'm not trying to make this a giveaway, but I'd like to be sure that someone interested in the development of the game gets in to the Alpha phase.

scrypt   Supporter wrote on 11/24/2016 at 06:29pm

Sounds cool! I've been looking at playing either Battleborn or Overwatch, but cant decide. Would be more interesting to see what the other competition has to offer. I could use a break from Rocket League anyway ;). Plus, we'd finally be able to play together! Toss my name in for the running.

beansmyname   Supporter   Post Author wrote on 11/27/2016 at 07:00pm

Consider it yours. PM sent.

scrypt   Supporter wrote on 11/28/2016 at 05:55pm


FunnyRandomz wrote on 01/15/2017 at 04:36pm

hey may i please get it. I love the pc version of paladins and im a pretty good player. would be so excited to play this game you wont even know. add me on paladins FunnyRandomz.

Travis   Admin wrote on 01/15/2017 at 10:20pm

@FunnyRandomz it looks like that key was given away months ago

beansmyname   Supporter   Post Author wrote on 05/31/2017 at 05:19pm

I think Paladins is now in Open Beta on PS4. Possibly only for Plus subscribers, but I haven't checked on that. Check the PlayStation Store.

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