If you aren't playing anything interesting and wanted to try something a bit different, why not try the Doom II mod Venturious?

"A The Mummy/Indiana Jones/Tomb Raider -inspired partial conversion for Doom2.
I'm releasing it as-is for now. There's 7 completed maps, and I'm hoping to add some more in future, but no idea when that will be.

Dynamic Lights need to be ON.
Crosshairs ON is recommended.
GZDoom's Alternate HUD is suggested, set to show only Available Weapons.
If the game seems too dark, set Sector Light Mode to 'Standard' instead of 'Software'.
I don't expect compatibility with other mods. Damage Numbers by Xaser Acheron is already built in.

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Dean of Doom is a new YouTube channel I watch regularly and I wanted to share his latest video reviewing Doom II. While I enjoy Doom II a lot I'm mixed on a few of the maps I've played and so far I prefer the original Doom to Doom II. The inclusion of the new enemies and weapons such as the doubled barred shotgun are essential additions to Doom, that said I think the original maps were more iconic even if Doom II was more influential to the mapping scene.

As always Dean of Doom gives Doom II a fair shake and there if you haven't played through all of Doom II the Dean gives it a good overview.

Doom is a legendary game series that started the shooter genre that continues quite strong into 2019. Doom 2 was the glorious follow up that added a bunch of new levels, the double barreled shotgun and a ton of other new features. Doom 2 became my go to shooter in the mid 90's and one I still come back to and play now. Doom 2 is still being ported to any system where it might sell and this year iD Software brought it to the Switch alongside Doom and Doom 3. LGR recently released a Doom 2 retrospective that's an incredible overview of the game as well as its importance in video game history. If you are looking to murder a few minutes with a nostalgia blast to the face... Read All

Take a trip through the history of one of the most iconic weapons in video games, the double-barreled shotgun. After hitting the scene in Doom II the double-barreled shotgun has been used in tons of shooters. It's a great gun, but in shooters of late the reload time has been a bit higher than i'd prefer. That said, there isn't anything i'd rather have at the Zompocalypse.