Happy Halloween everyone! I watched this recent Digitial Foundry breakdown of the recent Diablo II remake and all the various console versions and wanted to share it and kick off a broader public discussion on your thoughts about it. Seems like the general consensus is the game is a great version of the classic game, however, some miss the quality of life improvements present in more modern games such as Diablo III. It's an odd thing to think given folks were trashing Diablo III because it wasn't more like Diablo II.

I've recently been in the process of moving and finally landed into my new apartment so I haven't had as much time to play Diablo II as I would have... Read All

One of the biggest news items out of Blizzcon 2021 Online was that Blizzard would release a Diablo II remaster called Diablo II: Resurrected. Featuring a full 3D reskin of the game alongside the original pixel version with a modern online Battle.net offering featuring cross platform progression this looks like it could be on the biggest gaming releases of this year! Currently, it's not easy to play Diablo II as it requires you to install the game and install a handful of mods and hacks to play it on modern systems. One great part of modern gaming is keeping old games fresh for new audiences and remasters are a big part of that. Hopefully Blizzard can dial this... Read All

According to this recent Diablo III video "The forges here at Blizzard are burning hot and we have multiple Diablo projects in the works. Some of them may take longer than others but we might have some things to show you later this year." Usually this kind of news is pretty cool to hear but with the ups and downs of Diablo III and it not getting a follow up after Reaper of Souls i'm not sure what to make of it. Blizzard has hinted at a Diablo III Switch version and I well imagine that's gonna do well and it will be a great game to play on the Switch, it's just... at this point I think it's better if Blizzard just doesn't hint anything and drops whatever news when it's... Read All