I want to wish everyone a very happy Turkey Day and hope you are spending it well! One tradition of mine is watching the Mystery Science Theater 3000 Turkey Day streamathon. This year is pretty incredible as they are streaming the top fan voted 6 best MST3K episodes. They just finished with Pumaman a so good it's bad movie about a professor that finds out he can wield the powers of the Pumaman while wearing a special Aztec belt. Whereas Pumaman didn't quite catch on as a Superhero franchise back in the 80's I hope Marvel can work it's magic to bring it back to a modern audience. Until then I recommending putting on the rest of the MST3K stream as the movie on now is... Read All

Confirming rumors, Bethesda has just announced Skyrim: Special Edition, coming to PC, PS4, and XBox One on October 28th. The game has received a superior visual upgrade. Console versions SE will also be able to use PC mods.


Bethesda also announced updates to Fallout Shelter, which includes a PC version coming soon.

Fallout 4 is also receiving some new DLC. Next week, the Contraptions Workshop will allow players to build various things such as elevators, armor racks, weapon racks, sorting machines, and more! In July, the Vault-Tech Workshop will allow players to build Vaults. It... Read All

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