I want to wish everyone a very happy Turkey Day and hope you are spending it well! One tradition of mine is watching the Mystery Science Theater 3000 Turkey Day streamathon. This year is pretty incredible as they are streaming the top fan voted 6 best MST3K episodes. They just finished with Pumaman a so good it's bad movie about a professor that finds out he can wield the powers of the Pumaman while wearing a special Aztec belt. Whereas Pumaman didn't quite catch on as a Superhero franchise back in the 80's I hope Marvel can work it's magic to bring it back to a modern audience. Until then I recommending putting on the rest of the MST3K stream as the movie on now is Pod People, one of the strangest movies they've riffed.


You can still watch the entire 6 movie stream above as they are leaving it up for the holiday. When the Stream feed ends, i'll replace it with the official Manos The Hands of Fate episode on YouTube. Until then, enjoy it in all it's 11 hour glory.

The final top MST3K episodes as voted by fans are:

1. Manos The Hands of Fate
2. Space Mutiny
3. Mitchell
4. Final Sacrifice
5. Pod People
6. Pumaman