I noticed a new update to the Quake remaster in the gaming press and word of a new multiplayer Horde mode. This a popular mode in Unreal Tournament and other shooters and it seemed like a great fit for Quake. Recently I picked up the Quake remaster on the Series X and felt Horde mode was worth a try and friends… let me say Quake Horde mode is superb. If you were waiting to try the Quake remaster this is the time to give it a shot because just playing this with bots is well worth it. I’m excited to have friends over to try split screen at some point too.

Experience the all-new Horde Mode and Add-ons for Quake, free to all players. Grab your guns and drop into Horde... Read All

Now that the NightDive / MachineGames Quake remaster is out I thought it was worth sharing this Digital Foundry retrospective video. This came out earlier in May so it doesn’t cover the recent NightDive / MachineGames version but goes deep on Quake, it’s history and various ports.

Quake is back with a proper remastered version by Night Dive Studios & all new campaign by MachineGames! If you have Quake on Steam on the Bethesda launcher your version will automatically upgrade. I have Quake on the Bethesda launcher and was happy to see the game update and I checked it out and it looks and feels fantastic. There is a new feature in this version of Quake where you can download Quake add-ons and right now Quake 64 is the only thing you can download. If how iD Software has treated Doom is an indicator I imagine they will add more Quake mods over time that will make it easy for fans to experience even more of this classic.

This new version of Quake... Read All

If you logged in to the Bethesda.net game launcher during QuakeCon 2020 you got Quake for free. The version included is quite good and mostly resembles the version that launched in 1996 and as such can't go to resolutions much higher than 800x600. It also doesn't include Trent Reznor and Nine Inch Nails iconic soundtrack either due to licensing issues with the digital release.

iD Software released the Quake source and as such there are a myriad of source ports that enhance the original release that allow you the ability to select a higher resolution and use mp3 or ogg rips of the original Nine Inch Nails soundtrack. On a side note, the Nine Inch Nails site says they... Read All

Video game documentary channel Noclip recorded an incredible documentary about Doom 2016 and while they were at iD headquarters also shot a short with Tim Willits about the history of Quake. Quake is a pretty special game to me because it's the first shooter I played over a LAN with my friends. At the time I only had the demo which meant we could only get about 3 people in the game at a time but it was a ton of fun anyway. Later on Half-life and Counter-Strike dominated LAN parties but until I was able to buy Half-Life Quake was my LAN shooter of choice.

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